Thursday, October 05, 2006

What is God doing in your life this week?

Or How have you seen God at work this week? These are a couple of questions our connect group facilitator Craig asks us often at church. There are some weeks that I hesitate to answer that question for fear of what others will think or for fear that I didn't really see God at work. (There is a great discussion going on about fear over at AddisonRd). I think there are a lot of weeks that I don't look for what God is doing. I wonder if I fear giving myself completely over to God because of what I will have to give up or let go of to serve Him. I know I am a Christian I know why I believe what I believe and I want my children to know Him too. But, there are so many things that come up that I ask why me? Why do I have to face another challenge in my life? Why do my children have to face challenges and have to experience pain?

I think the answer to the questions usually tend to be my child prayed out loud willingly and openly, we had a fantastic conversation about people not being allowed to pray in public in other countries, I got to have lunch with my friend that does not go to church and have a conversation that didn't have to be all about church, I got to have lunch with friends that love the Lord and have kids the same age and are going through similar things, I got to see my son learn how to climb into the car by himself.

I know I am blessed beyond measure, I know it! I have a Christian husband that loves me, I have 2 beautiful children that obey at least some of the time :), I get to stay home with my kids, and I have Christian friends that I adore. But, how have I seen God move? I guess I want to see something miraculous. Am I a doubting Thomas for this or am I just in a rut spiritually? I don't know...I think I will go read my Bible and pray on it....

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