Friday, October 27, 2006

Vacation Day 2

Our second day in California was spent touring Apple Hill in Camino, CA. We started off at Abels Acres where we had a potty break for the kiddos, visited a couple of vendors, ran down to the pumpkin patch and my sister Kim picked up a Chocolate caramel Apple. The next farm we visited included a fish pond, pony rides, and The Fudge Factory. I can't remember the name of this ranch but (Mom, a little help?) we spent the bulk of our time there. As soon as we got there mom picked up some apple donuts to share and this is where I got my Chocolate caramel Apple. I am convinced mine was better than Kims since the caramel was made right there on the premises. Papa paid for all four of the kids to have pony rides. Bobby walked next to Little Man who was none to happy at first but once he got used to being on the pony did ok. Munchkin LOVED the ride and it was a really long ride. The kids all laughed when we had to stop for a horsey potty break. While we were here we came upon a box of macintosh apples. Bobby said "The people who buy these apples pay twice as much and get a superiority complex from eating them..." He and I got a good laugh out of it!

Kim really wanted to find a letterbox at one of the farms so we went to that one next. I think it was Plubells if I am not mistaken. We couldn't find the box but that did not deter us from looking for another one on our way out of Apple Hill. Once we got to Placerville we thought we would try and find 2 more boxes. The first one a girl came out and asked if we needed a hint since she saw us poking around outside her store. The second one was not there. We concluded the evening by having pizza at Round Table! Yum! Bobby and I miss good pizza! Maybe someday there will be a Round Table in the Tennessee area.

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  1. It was High Hill Ranch that we spent most of the time at and remember we did find another letterbox in a not to safe place. Shh!!