Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fishy Funeral

About a year and a half ago we went to the carnival. Munchkin and I won 3 fish. The first two, Toady and Mr. Scaley, died within a couple of days. The third fish, Fluffy, went to meet her maker last night. Munchkin feeds the fish most of the time and she knows only to put a pinch in the bowl. Yesterday she asked if she could feed Fluffy and of course we said yes. Apparently she needed us to remind her that she only got a pinch because she dumped half the container of food in the dish. Bobby cleaned the bowl out maybe an hour later and Fluffy was fine. When I got back from my meeting though she was laying on the bottom of the bowl and you could see the food in her stomach. We waited until this morning to have her funeral so Munchkin could see what happens when you feed fish too much food.

We took Fluffy to the bathroom in a cup and Munchkin said "Fluffy, you were a good fish and I am sorry for feeding you too much food!" Then she dumped her in the potty and both the kids waved while saying "Bye Fluffy" as she swirled away. I half expected her to come back up so I am glad it only took one flush!

Munchkin didn't seem too broken up about it until I asked her to tell someone this morning at therapy what happened. Then she looked pretty sad. I have never been a big fan of fish so I wasn't heartbroken but Bobby surprised me. He was the one who cleaned her bowl and I think he will miss her.

In a funny coincidence my friend Joy posted about carnival fish today too!

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