Friday, September 15, 2006

Walking the dog

April 28th we got a dog. Her name is Kelsey and she is a German Shepard. Now, I am not sure why but this dog loves me. I am not particularly fond of dogs having been bit while delivering Girl Scout Cookies and later being chased on my bike by a German Shepard. Bobbys child hood dog Fluffy even snapped at my hand the first time I met her. We got this dog under the stipulation that I would not have to take care of her. I have 2 kids a cat and a fish(I just feed the fish Bobby cleans the bowl) to take care of I don't want to take care of a dog too. Well duh! Guess who is home with her most of the time? Yep you guessed it. Bobby has been pretty good about feeding her and will take her on walks every once in awhile but she definitly needs more interaction than that. See, the thing is, she weighs more than the kids so when she is around them she wants to play but just knocks them down so it is difficult to do anything with her with the kids. The redeeming factor I see in this dog is the day we got her Little Man started walking. That was kind of a miricle in itself and the one glimmer of hope I have for her.

Anyway, on to the walking part. I have decided that I need excercise and the best way to do that is to walk the dog in the mornings before everyone gets out of bed. I used to be a morning person but I really don't feel like I am anymore. If I can get a few more minutes of shut eye I am a pretty happy camper. Here is how each day has gone with the dog:
Day 1: Got up before the alarm, not a problem since I woke up every hour to see what time it was not wanting to wake everyone else up, got the leash and gentle leader attached to the dog got my MP3 player going and did 3 laps around the park by our house (6 laps is a mile)

Day 2: Woke up extremely cranky. Little Man woke up at 5 I went in to comfort him and stayed by his side for 45 minutes at which point Munchkin decided she needed to wake up with a bad dream so I went to comfort her. Finally got out the door at about 6:40 to walk the dog. We did 2 laps around the park. Go home and had to make Mac and Cheese do a load of laundry and get everyone dressed.

Day 3: Not too bad got up a little bit later got the leash on without incident and did 4 laps around the park. 2 other dogs came and Kelsey got a little excited. As soon as I we got in our backyard she jumped into a little pool of muddy water and proceeded to jump all over me. grr...

Day 4 Munchkin climbed into bed with us right after the alarm would have gone off if I hadn't turned it off. I stayed there and cuddled for a few minutes but still got up and took Kelsey to the park. I listened to about half of my James Blunt album while we did 5 laps around the park.

So, overall things are going well with walking the dog. Hopefully things will keep going well and I can get some of this weight off that I have been carrying from stress and carrying 2 babies!

Oh yeah, did I mention I do not like dog poop? I have been a good pet owner though and brought my plastic bags to the park and picked Kelseys up so no one will step in it. If you have a dog that you walk please do the same!

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  1. i'm impressed!!! you go, girl!