Friday, September 08, 2006

So much going on

The last few days have been crazy around here. Bobbys dad flew back home on Wednesday but not until after an adventure. On Tuesday we took Little Man down to therapy. He had both PT and OT so we were there an extra long time. He did great though. Afterwards we met Bobby at a flying field so he could try out a new plane and so dad could fly also. He did pretty well but crashed fairly quickly (not unusual for someone who doesn't fly remote control planes). We took a picnic lunch with us and ate at the field. After flying and lunch we headed to the Parthenon to visit Athena. I had some woman walk up to me and ask what was in there. I told her and she was appalled that it cost $5 to go in and see some big statue. Later we had dinner at Blackstone Brewery. They have great food, reasonable prices and bring M&Ms for the kids for dessert.

On Wednesday we were going to run a couple of errands and Bobby and his dad were going to drop me off for a MOPS table leader meeting. We got done at Lowes and when I turned the key to the car nothing happened. Since we need to change the belts I automatically thought my timing belt had broken. Bob said it was the battery but I was convinced he was wrong. We have jumper cables for the truck but do not have any in the car. A nice guy with a truck came out and pulled around to help. Aside from being really nice the thing that struck me was the guys T-shirt. It had the scary clown from the Steven King Book "It" on the front. I was hoping it wouldn't freak the kids out. He tried to jump the battery and it wouldn't work. Apparently my battery is old enough that it needed water. So, we put water in the guys jump started again and we were on our way to Sears for a new battery. I didn't make it to the meeting....

Last night I went to a women's event at church. Anita Renfroe came and spoke. She was really funny and kind of made me think of Weird Al. She did some parody songs, talked a lot about how she met her trainer, and ended by sending us all out for some chocolate. It was fun but I ended up going by myself. I thought a couple of my friends would be there and I ran into them later but, it would have been more fun to have been sitting with them throughout the entire program.

Tonight we had a birthday party to attend. Those are always fun. The kids were wound up!

When we got home I had Munchkin head upstairs while I took care of the dog. When I got up there she got jammies on and we prayed together. One of the things I prayed was that when she is ready she will understand a relationship with Jesus and that she will want that. She looked me in the eye and said I know Jesus is in my heart. I sang it to him the other day. I just haven't picked a day to be bapti-tized yet. We know she is only 4 and there are many things she needs to learn but to hear her say she knows Jesus is in her heart makes me feel like we are pointing her in the right direction and we are teaching her the way to go. Our prayer for both of the kids is that they will have relationships with Christ, that it will be their own, and that we have wisdom in raising them. We just feel blessed that God has given us these two babies to raise to know Him.

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  1. God has blessed Munchkin and Little man with terrific parents. You are training them up the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it.
    Love you all,