Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Birthday to...

ME!! Hahaha!
Today has been a really good day. Bobby let me sleep in while he took the dog out, got the kids dressed and fed them. After that I opened my presents from Bobby and the kids. Can I just say I am so excited to have my very own Creative Zen Microphoto MP3 player? :) Now I just have to rip and burn my CD collection. Maybe it will motivate me to get out and walk now.

After the present opening frenzy we took off to find a letterbox near the wave pool. Not only did we have turn around twice we had to take an exit and turn around a third time. The clues were good though and we were able to find the box fairly easily. Once we stopped for gas we were off to PF Changs for lunch. It has been 6 hours and I am no where close to hungry. On our way back we stopped for one more letterbox. It is about time we found it, it was my 3rd attempt.

Now we are home and Bobby is working on my computer so I can start burning CDs.
I am not sure what the rest of the day will hold but I am sure it will be fun! Where the heck did my 20's go?


  1. Happy Birthday once again to my darling daughter. The time flies!!!
    Love ya,