Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Something Contagious

Sometimes things are good when they are contagious. Things like laughter and smiles. Not so much when it is Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. Apparently this is going around at church and we are one of the lucky families that caught it. When I got home from my scrapbook retreat she said her tummy hurt. The next day she seemed fine though. That night I came home from my Pampered Chef meeting to her wrapped up in winter jammies and socks. She had a fever of 102. My first thought was that she had West Nile Virus. She has had several mosquito bites lately and the city just sprayed our neighborhood due to the capture of infected mosquitos about a block from us. I took her to the Dr where she still had a slight fever and they looked in her throat. She had one blister on the back of her throat and 1 tiny one on her hand. The Dr did a strep test that came back negative but when I mentioned to him that hand foot and mouth was going around at church he said that was probably what it was. So, poor baby has 3 blisters in her mouth now and 2 on her hands. I guess we will have to wait and see if Little man gets it too. Please pray for them that it goes away quickly and that they won't be completely miserable when the blisters start coming.

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