Sunday, August 06, 2006


Bobby played guitar at a small church this morning. It started out really well. The kids were in the nursery with one other little girl learning "God made fruit". The music was wonderful and I thought I was going to really enjoy hearing from the pastor. There was a guest speaker though that has completely tainted my experience with Pentacostals. I don't think the church was a Pentecostal one just the guest speaker (he was the only one speaking in tongues with no interpreter). Everything started out ok. He talked about the miracles he had done and experienced and basically talked about not giving up your dreams or visions. He had a vision 33 years ago and it came to fruition the last year. Some of the things he talked about made sense, he was funny and then I almost got up and walked out. I am still kicking myself for not! He started talking about being investigated by the FBI for standing up for unborn children and how he has been arrested 9 times for preaching Gods word. He told a story about how he stood in front of a gay bar and screamed through the doorway "Hell is Hot!" He said "those homosexuals" (with such total contempt in his voice) let Dobermans loose on him. He ended by giving some girl in the front row a "miracle". That I cannot dismiss because maybe in her eyes there was a miracle there. But the hate and bigotry that man displayed this morning made my heart ache. If he had walked up to me I would only have been able to say to him "my heart is breaking for the people you turned away from Christ with your hate" I almost wanted him to walk up so I could say it. I cried part of the way home over this. How can "Christians" hate other people. Wouldn't it have been better to walk into the gay bar and have a conversation instead of screaming? Wouldn't it be better to provide services and counseling to women considering an abortion than tormenting them from the sidewalk? The burden I feel for all of the people affected by that man is completely overwhelming. I am sitting here with my heart breaking and tears streaming for them right now. It is people like that that make people hate Christians. God, I pray that I can be a light in peoples lives as a Christian. Someone approachable and ready to talk about you and ready to have a friendship. Please don't let people ever see me like that awful man!


  1. Oh. My. Gosh! I can see how this would leave a bad taste in your mouth about services. Sorry you had to listen to his rants.

  2. oh, that breaks my heart, too. you're so right. conversations are so much better. friendship and love and grace. Jesus with the woman at the well, the woman they were going to stone, the tax collectors. the only people he was hateful towards were the "churchy" ones (you guest speaker?) -the pharisees. your discernment is strong. i'm glad the Spirit is whispering how wrong that was. i'm sorry you had the dilemma of staying or not. i hate being in that position. (i'm know i would've done exactly what you did.) i know He heard your prayers. and will honor them.

  3. RachelG6:45 AM

    I'm sorry you had to listen to that speaker. Church is no place for that kind of hate.

    And now I'm going to get all sappy and sentimental here, ok?

    You are not like that man. In fact, seeing you lead by example has done a lot to strengthen my faith. I don't want to place a burden of perfection on you or anything, but you are who I think of when I hear the phrase "true Christian".

  4. good for you, karen!! it is too bad that no one told that guy that what he did was certainly NOT in the name of god... i don't recalll reading about jesus acting that way in the bible...

    thanks for checking out my blog, by the way!! hope all is well for you guys!!