Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Well, the kiddos and I had a fantastic week. My mom flew out from California last Tuesday so she could go to Michigan with me and the kids since Bobby was going to be on the road with his band. (They have an entire story all their own about their van breaking was left in Indiana somewhere...) We got up at 3:45 and left the house around 4:30 am to start our trek. Mom drove first since she is used to being up at the crack of dawn for her job. I can't remember how far she drove but we were not to Louisville yet when we stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We were there for about an hour when Bobby called to see where we were. The band left an hour after us and was already past us. Because we stopped so many times with the kids it took us a long time to get to Michigan! Mom even did the Hokey Pokey with Munchkin in the middle of Walmart on one of our stops..that was pretty funny. When we finally got to my Aunt and Uncles house we had dinner and thought we would go for a swim. Munchkin loves the water and had been looking forward to swimming all day. Well, after leaving 100 degree weather in TN we were not expecting low 80s without humidity in Michigan. Munchkin and I froze in that pool! It was 78 but we were freezing, plus I think we each got at least 10 mosquito bites each while in the water. My cousin let us stay at a rental property they have that night. I slept amazingly well!
The next day we were off to my grandparents farm about an hour and a half north. Michigan is a test market for Mcdonalds for these new cinnamon rolls. I hope they go well because they were really good. No Cinnabon but great for McD's!
My grandparents live in the heart of Amish country in Michigan. It is funny because they will not usually wave at your or even look your direction if you are at a house that has electricity. The day we got up there Munchkin saw a horse an buggy go by while she was in the yard. She ran the length of the yard yelling and waving, finally the amish guy waved back at her and smiled. She was thrilled!
Saturday was our family reunion. It seems like it was kind of small this year. There were lots of weddings and other things going on so I guess it is kind of understandable. My grandfather has 2 brothers and 5 sisters (I think) He was the only brother there this time but all of the sisters were there. Munchkin played with the same cousin that she played with last time and Little Man had a playmate this time too. I showed Bobby a picture of the little cousin and Bobby almost thought it was Little Man. You could tell they were related. At one point when the 2 of them were walking off the looked like twins!
Sunday was our trip to Mackinac island. Mom and I found 3 letterboxes. One of them was Somewhere in Time, One was The Grand Hotel, and the 3rd was actually in Mackinaw City. Munchkin loved the ferry ride each way. Little man loved the horses and they both loved the ice cream cone that was as big as Munchkins head. Unfortunately Munchkin tripped and the cone broke in half plummeting the ice cream to the ground. She was able to share mine though and was fine. Mom and I loved the fudge. :0)
Monday we drove back to Grandma and Grandpas and went to dinner at a new place by their house. It was pretty nice. Mom bought me a Michigan cookbook that we discovered was printed in Nashville. All of the proceeds go to help single women that are in trouble in Michigan. I thought that was pretty cool.
Yesterday was our drive home. It didn't seem like we stopped as often but I think it took us just as long to get home. Weird.
What a fun trip. The kids did great! It was so fun to have my mom with us. I would have loved to have dad and my sisters along too but sometimes that just can't happen. Maybe next time. Sometimes you go into a trip like this wondering how things will go with family but it was a great trip. No one got on my nerves so I hope that we didn't get on anyone elses! :)
I am looking forward to the next family trip!


  1. What? No raving report here on the Tim Horton's coffee?

  2. Well, I don't drink coffee but my mom does. I think she liked it and the Timbits were good but we had a foul tempered employee behind the counter that made it not such a nice visit. :( I was hoping to give Tim Hortons a glowing review...maybe next time! :)

  3. I remember going to amish country (pennsylvania) when I was little, the family I stayed with weren't amish, but their family was and I remember being in AWE with everything! They treated me very nice and was very forgiving of all my silly questions. Glad to hear you had fun!