Thursday, August 24, 2006


If you know us personally you know our kids are pretty mellow. They say crazy things and have their moments but they are not usually terribly disrespectful. Today was the exception to the rule. Since I am going on the scrapbook retreat we had to make a quick run to Joanns to pick up a new cutting mat and a couple of other supplies. Bobby let the kids walk instead of making them ride in the cart. This is not usually a problem but since Little Man has gotten mobile he likes to be chased and is getting pretty quick. He ran around a corner and I asked Munchkin to go get him. Instead of taking his hand and leading him back to where Bobby and I were she chased him farther away. Bobby took off after them and ended up almost dragging them to a cart to make them ride. Munchkin was straight up rude to her daddy. This was the first time I am sure everyone in the store could hear her making a fuss. She was screaming and crying because she wanted to walk instead of ride. When they got back over to me I made her look at me and I explained that if she didn't quit we would go to the bathroom for a spanking. Bobby was pushing the cart and she said to him "Next time maybe you won't come with us so I can walk!" I could not believe she would be so rude to Bobby. Granted she is 4 and just says the things that are on her mind. On our way out of the store we had a longer conversation about being respectful to adults and not having temper tantrums in the store. Crazy girl!

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