Saturday, August 19, 2006


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times! My two monkeys have a difficult time going to bed. I don't know why but they do. Tonight was not terrible but I hate putting Munchkin to bed when she has a bad attitude. I just don't ever want her going to bed angry. After getting jammies on, brushing teeth and reading several books all together I sent Munchkin to her room to pick a few more books for her to read while I put Little Man to bed. I turned on Little Mans CD and rocked him for 2 songs instead of the normal 1 since Munchkin was at the door telling me she couldn't find the books she wanted. I asked him if he wanted in his Wiggles bed or his Race Car bed and he said no car so I put him in the Wiggles bed. Of course as soon as I stepped over the gate (his room is at the top of stairs so we have a gate in his doorway so he can't fall down the stairs in the middle of the night) he started crying. That lasted about a minute and he laid down by his gate and fell asleep. I went into Munchkins room to pray with her and her light was already off. I guessed she had already read her books but really she wanted me to read them to her. I told her she could pick one and I would read it. She started yelling she wanted all of them so I prayed for her and left. Her tantrum lasted about a minute and I haven't heard another sound. So, she is either asleep or doing something she shouldn't. The plus side is most mornings both kids wake up in great moods. Any good bedtime stories to add?

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