Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hee hee

While driving home today Munchkin said "I hope Jesus is preparing a place for us with TV's!"

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Something Contagious

Sometimes things are good when they are contagious. Things like laughter and smiles. Not so much when it is Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. Apparently this is going around at church and we are one of the lucky families that caught it. When I got home from my scrapbook retreat she said her tummy hurt. The next day she seemed fine though. That night I came home from my Pampered Chef meeting to her wrapped up in winter jammies and socks. She had a fever of 102. My first thought was that she had West Nile Virus. She has had several mosquito bites lately and the city just sprayed our neighborhood due to the capture of infected mosquitos about a block from us. I took her to the Dr where she still had a slight fever and they looked in her throat. She had one blister on the back of her throat and 1 tiny one on her hand. The Dr did a strep test that came back negative but when I mentioned to him that hand foot and mouth was going around at church he said that was probably what it was. So, poor baby has 3 blisters in her mouth now and 2 on her hands. I guess we will have to wait and see if Little man gets it too. Please pray for them that it goes away quickly and that they won't be completely miserable when the blisters start coming.

I love you!

This morning was Little Mans first unrequested I Love You! Bobby brought the kids down and got breakfast for them. When I came down to get in the shower I kissed Little man on the head. He looked up at me and said "I yuv you!" Nothing could melt me more!

Monday, August 28, 2006

I'm thinking about having another baby!

Those were the words out of my 4 years mouth today on the way home from the grocery store. Yeah, that is not happening. Apparently she wants a sister. One that she promises she will get up with to feed in the middle of the night and she will rock when she is crying. We told her she can practice that with her dolls. :)

Thursday, August 24, 2006


If you know us personally you know our kids are pretty mellow. They say crazy things and have their moments but they are not usually terribly disrespectful. Today was the exception to the rule. Since I am going on the scrapbook retreat we had to make a quick run to Joanns to pick up a new cutting mat and a couple of other supplies. Bobby let the kids walk instead of making them ride in the cart. This is not usually a problem but since Little Man has gotten mobile he likes to be chased and is getting pretty quick. He ran around a corner and I asked Munchkin to go get him. Instead of taking his hand and leading him back to where Bobby and I were she chased him farther away. Bobby took off after them and ended up almost dragging them to a cart to make them ride. Munchkin was straight up rude to her daddy. This was the first time I am sure everyone in the store could hear her making a fuss. She was screaming and crying because she wanted to walk instead of ride. When they got back over to me I made her look at me and I explained that if she didn't quit we would go to the bathroom for a spanking. Bobby was pushing the cart and she said to him "Next time maybe you won't come with us so I can walk!" I could not believe she would be so rude to Bobby. Granted she is 4 and just says the things that are on her mind. On our way out of the store we had a longer conversation about being respectful to adults and not having temper tantrums in the store. Crazy girl!


I love to scrapbook! It is so much fun to go through my pictures and put them into my scrapbooks. There are so many ways to do it though. There are times I look at my albums and think they are terrible and then others that I think they are great. My very first scrapbook was given to my by my future mother in law the day Bobby and I got engaged. I had no idea what I was doing but had fun doing it. :0) I jumped on the bandwagon of cropping my pictures into all kinds of crazy shapes and stickering like crazy. There are some pages that I still do that but I am more into corner rounding, maybe some circles and solid backgrounds. Many people are into scrapping for the art of it. There is usually 1 picture on the page and a ton of embellishments. These pages are beautiful but I do not have the patience for it. I have a few (very few) that I spent more than an hour on but that is it. I have too many pictures that I want to have scrapped to be able to spend an hour on a page for 1 picture. I get to go on a scrapbook retreat this weekend! It is about an hour away from my house and the kids get to stay with daddy. I think they are going to have a fantastic weekend together. If you would like to find out more about scrapbooking two of my favorite sites are here and here. I know once you start you will be as addicted as I am. :)

Sunday, August 20, 2006


I went down to the basement tonight to start on the giant pile of sheets and blankets that I took down there before we left for Michigan. Apparently something decided to leak while we were gone and soaked the pile of blankets. It is only wet underneath the pile and it started to mold. It has been really hot and humid here making those conditions even better. I wouldn't be so sick about he whole thing (just irritated) if a quilt my great grandma made me hadn't been in the pile. There is a big spot of mold in it and I don't know how to get it out. Any suggestions would be helpful. :0(


Wow! It feels good to be home. I was in Tree Hollow this morning but was able to catch up on what the sermon was about in class. Today's sermon was on....Homosexuality! I have to say everything I heard about the sermon was fantastic. The basic gist was homosexuality is no different than any other sin. We need to build relationships with people rather than condemn them. Did I mention I go to a Southern Baptist church? There was a lot more to it than that but I didn't get to hear it. After the encounter I had with that preacher at the other church a couple of weeks ago I have to say I am so happy to see things going this direction at my church. Jesus loved people! That is how we should be too!

Saturday, August 19, 2006


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times! My two monkeys have a difficult time going to bed. I don't know why but they do. Tonight was not terrible but I hate putting Munchkin to bed when she has a bad attitude. I just don't ever want her going to bed angry. After getting jammies on, brushing teeth and reading several books all together I sent Munchkin to her room to pick a few more books for her to read while I put Little Man to bed. I turned on Little Mans CD and rocked him for 2 songs instead of the normal 1 since Munchkin was at the door telling me she couldn't find the books she wanted. I asked him if he wanted in his Wiggles bed or his Race Car bed and he said no car so I put him in the Wiggles bed. Of course as soon as I stepped over the gate (his room is at the top of stairs so we have a gate in his doorway so he can't fall down the stairs in the middle of the night) he started crying. That lasted about a minute and he laid down by his gate and fell asleep. I went into Munchkins room to pray with her and her light was already off. I guessed she had already read her books but really she wanted me to read them to her. I told her she could pick one and I would read it. She started yelling she wanted all of them so I prayed for her and left. Her tantrum lasted about a minute and I haven't heard another sound. So, she is either asleep or doing something she shouldn't. The plus side is most mornings both kids wake up in great moods. Any good bedtime stories to add?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Well, the kiddos and I had a fantastic week. My mom flew out from California last Tuesday so she could go to Michigan with me and the kids since Bobby was going to be on the road with his band. (They have an entire story all their own about their van breaking was left in Indiana somewhere...) We got up at 3:45 and left the house around 4:30 am to start our trek. Mom drove first since she is used to being up at the crack of dawn for her job. I can't remember how far she drove but we were not to Louisville yet when we stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We were there for about an hour when Bobby called to see where we were. The band left an hour after us and was already past us. Because we stopped so many times with the kids it took us a long time to get to Michigan! Mom even did the Hokey Pokey with Munchkin in the middle of Walmart on one of our stops..that was pretty funny. When we finally got to my Aunt and Uncles house we had dinner and thought we would go for a swim. Munchkin loves the water and had been looking forward to swimming all day. Well, after leaving 100 degree weather in TN we were not expecting low 80s without humidity in Michigan. Munchkin and I froze in that pool! It was 78 but we were freezing, plus I think we each got at least 10 mosquito bites each while in the water. My cousin let us stay at a rental property they have that night. I slept amazingly well!
The next day we were off to my grandparents farm about an hour and a half north. Michigan is a test market for Mcdonalds for these new cinnamon rolls. I hope they go well because they were really good. No Cinnabon but great for McD's!
My grandparents live in the heart of Amish country in Michigan. It is funny because they will not usually wave at your or even look your direction if you are at a house that has electricity. The day we got up there Munchkin saw a horse an buggy go by while she was in the yard. She ran the length of the yard yelling and waving, finally the amish guy waved back at her and smiled. She was thrilled!
Saturday was our family reunion. It seems like it was kind of small this year. There were lots of weddings and other things going on so I guess it is kind of understandable. My grandfather has 2 brothers and 5 sisters (I think) He was the only brother there this time but all of the sisters were there. Munchkin played with the same cousin that she played with last time and Little Man had a playmate this time too. I showed Bobby a picture of the little cousin and Bobby almost thought it was Little Man. You could tell they were related. At one point when the 2 of them were walking off the looked like twins!
Sunday was our trip to Mackinac island. Mom and I found 3 letterboxes. One of them was Somewhere in Time, One was The Grand Hotel, and the 3rd was actually in Mackinaw City. Munchkin loved the ferry ride each way. Little man loved the horses and they both loved the ice cream cone that was as big as Munchkins head. Unfortunately Munchkin tripped and the cone broke in half plummeting the ice cream to the ground. She was able to share mine though and was fine. Mom and I loved the fudge. :0)
Monday we drove back to Grandma and Grandpas and went to dinner at a new place by their house. It was pretty nice. Mom bought me a Michigan cookbook that we discovered was printed in Nashville. All of the proceeds go to help single women that are in trouble in Michigan. I thought that was pretty cool.
Yesterday was our drive home. It didn't seem like we stopped as often but I think it took us just as long to get home. Weird.
What a fun trip. The kids did great! It was so fun to have my mom with us. I would have loved to have dad and my sisters along too but sometimes that just can't happen. Maybe next time. Sometimes you go into a trip like this wondering how things will go with family but it was a great trip. No one got on my nerves so I hope that we didn't get on anyone elses! :)
I am looking forward to the next family trip!


We got back from Michigan last night. I developed 7 rolls of film and will share them in the next couple of days. Things are starting to get into full swing again with church and everything else. I have to be out at church tonight at 5:45 to start Camp Hollow for preschool. Mom is heading back to CA today too and has to be at the airport in a little while. :( We get to see her and dad and all 3 of my sisters in October but it seems like a long time until then.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


My mom is flying in from California today. I thought I should check on her flight status and remembered a my friend Tracy mentioning a flight tracker. Here it is! It moves along and you can see when the flight is supposed to be in and the general area where the plane is.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Bobby played guitar at a small church this morning. It started out really well. The kids were in the nursery with one other little girl learning "God made fruit". The music was wonderful and I thought I was going to really enjoy hearing from the pastor. There was a guest speaker though that has completely tainted my experience with Pentacostals. I don't think the church was a Pentecostal one just the guest speaker (he was the only one speaking in tongues with no interpreter). Everything started out ok. He talked about the miracles he had done and experienced and basically talked about not giving up your dreams or visions. He had a vision 33 years ago and it came to fruition the last year. Some of the things he talked about made sense, he was funny and then I almost got up and walked out. I am still kicking myself for not! He started talking about being investigated by the FBI for standing up for unborn children and how he has been arrested 9 times for preaching Gods word. He told a story about how he stood in front of a gay bar and screamed through the doorway "Hell is Hot!" He said "those homosexuals" (with such total contempt in his voice) let Dobermans loose on him. He ended by giving some girl in the front row a "miracle". That I cannot dismiss because maybe in her eyes there was a miracle there. But the hate and bigotry that man displayed this morning made my heart ache. If he had walked up to me I would only have been able to say to him "my heart is breaking for the people you turned away from Christ with your hate" I almost wanted him to walk up so I could say it. I cried part of the way home over this. How can "Christians" hate other people. Wouldn't it have been better to walk into the gay bar and have a conversation instead of screaming? Wouldn't it be better to provide services and counseling to women considering an abortion than tormenting them from the sidewalk? The burden I feel for all of the people affected by that man is completely overwhelming. I am sitting here with my heart breaking and tears streaming for them right now. It is people like that that make people hate Christians. God, I pray that I can be a light in peoples lives as a Christian. Someone approachable and ready to talk about you and ready to have a friendship. Please don't let people ever see me like that awful man!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Little Man....

Went Poo in the potty!!! I am not potty training him right now...not with a long car trip ahead of us and a plane trip in October. Apparently he thinks he needs to learn now though. I should just take the bull by the horns and stay home for a week and let him run naked so he can figure it out but I can't do that.
Tonight he started to grunt and I heard Bobby tell him to go sit on the potty. I grabbed the potty chair from the bathroom and brought it to the living room where he sat down after I dumped the first bit off poo into the potty. After her was done we took it and dumped it in the potty, flushed after saying "bye bye poopoo!" and sat on the big potty for awhile where nothing else happened. Anyone else have this happen?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


It is always something. We have been trying to get out of debt for the last 3 years and it seems like there is never an end in sight! Something else major always happens when we think we might make a dent. A few months ago I went to our basement and found water pouring onto our breaker box. That only cost us $119. Then something went out on the truck that cost us $700. Last week my garbage disposal stopped working. Last night after we picked a new one up Bobby figured out how to fix the old one! He gets extra points for that since we get to take back the $70 disposal to Home Depot. Of course that gets sucked into my car. Today on the way home from therapy the AC started making a really strange noise and then just stopped working. Yep, my air conditioner went out on one of the hottest days of the year. Happy day. I went straight to the car dealer who told me I can't get until tomorrow, then went to Firestone who also said I can't get in until tomorrow and it will be at least $200 because it sounds like I need a new motor. Did I mention I am taking a really long car trip next week to go to my family reunion? Someday we will get ahead...