Friday, July 07, 2006


So, Bobby has been at a camp all week and it is really difficult for me to want to cook (not that I do that much anyway). While he is gone I get to take the kids to places that he does not like. He would eat Mexican food for every meal if it was an option. I like Mexican food but it gives me heartburn. Anyway, I took the kids to Chefs Market a couple of days ago. This is one of those restaurants that qualifies at froufy food in Bobby's book and he just doesn't like it. I got beef tenderloin, ambrosia salad and green beans with sliced almonds and a roll. I shared the entire meal with both kids and was stuffed at the end. It was so good! Plus they have delectable desserts! The kids shared a cookie and I know from past experience that the milky way cake is not to be missed. If you ever get to the Nashville area we must go to Chef's Market. Not only is the food good, they also have a little play area for the kids! A+ in my book!

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  1. hey, this is off the subject, but i noticed your pampered chef link. do you sell it? could you email me, comment on my blog or post about how to get involved and all about it? i've been thinkin' about it.
    ps - thanks for linkin' me!

    a froufy restaurant with a kid play area? wow, you can't beat that. i live in small town arkansas - must get to a city!