Sunday, July 09, 2006


So, a little over a year ago a girl posted a message on a scrapbooking board about going letterboxing. I looked into it a little and even went looking for letterboxes around our area. I came up with nothing! None of the boxes I looked for were there. I told my sister about it who now lives in Alaska and in the last year she has planted 61 boxes I think. She has also gotten so into it that she is hand carving her stamps and is teaching a 4 hour class on it. It really is a fun thing to do. My first letterbox was found in California with my sisters and my mom. They are all getting into it too. So, today I went and found my first letterbox on my own. It was an easy one thank goodness and it was quick. I had to get back so Bobby could go play a show. If you would like more info on letterboxing go here or here. Have Fun!

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