Monday, July 10, 2006

Ear Piercing and VBS

Obviously not 2 things that are done at the same time. Today is Munchkins birthday. She is 4 years old. I am looking at her short little life thinking where has the time gone? Just 12 minutes ago she was born 5 lbs 15 ozs and 19 1/2 inches long and now she is 4. She could do nothing for herself and now she can even buckle her own car seat. My baby girl has become my 4 going on 14 teenager.
I got my ears pierced when I was 4. My mom has told me the story over and over again about how I sat in the seat and looked a little green but didn't even cry. We started talking to Munchkin several months ago about getting her ears pierced to see if she was ready. She told us that when she was 4 she would be brave and would not cry even if it felt like a shot. Today was the day. We took her and Little Man to a kids only salon where they do birthday parties and all kinds of fun things (mini-manis, mini-pedis, mini facials...the whole bit). While she was getting her hair trimmed Little Man was getting his hair cut. He was not so fond of the whole get strapped to a chair and have something sharp coming toward your head thing. He cried almost the whole time. This was his first haircut and you could tell he didn't like it one bit. He looks like a little boy now instead of a wispy haired baby. :0( Do you think we should have any more babies? Apparently he did ok though as he wasn't screaming or kicking the hairdresser like a former 5 year old customer did.

After the haircuts it was time to get ears pierced. Munchkin sat in a giant shoe chair and waited while they looked for the second piercing gun. They were supposed to do both ears at one time but it didn't happen. They marked her ears and had her take a deep breath on the count of 3. She looked a little shocked after the first one but didn't cry and sat nice a still for the second one. I handed her a sucker right after the second one as a prize for being so brave. After retrieving our certificates for Babys First Haircut and A Piercing Experience we headed to Shogun for a lunch filled with fire on the table. Yum. We then took the kids for ice cream at Maggie Moos.

So that part of the day was full. After that you wouldn't think we could fit any more in. Oh but we could. We gave Munchkin the option of VBS or going to see daddy play a show with his band. She chose VBS. Now, our church is having VBS this week but we are not going to our church for the simple reason that it is from 6-9pm 1/2 an hour away from our house and I would have to work at it for the kids to be able to go. The church around the corner from us has theirs from 6-8:30 and Munchkin is able to go without me working. This does not mean we are changing churches or anything it just means I want the kids to do something that does not require me driving 1/2 an hour each way and having to teach and changing their schedule.

Munchkin liked going tonight. She didn't like the big people part, which I think was the end when all the kids were in the sanctuary singing songs she didn't know. She liked the games though and the craft that was a snack they got to eat. We have to take a bunch of pennies tomorrow. Hopefully she will have an even better time.

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  1. Rachel9:51 AM

    Happy Birthday Munchkin!! How did she get to be FOUR?? (the same way mine is fast approaching THREE, i bet). It's so hard to watch your little, tiny baby turn into a kid. :*)