Sunday, July 16, 2006

Crisis of belief..

Have you ever had those times in your life when you feel really far away from God? You know He hasn't moved but you have. I am not sure what my deal is lately. I do not feel like being vulnerable with my friends, I feel manipulated by the worship at church, our Sunday school class has gone through major changes and it feels like I am just floating along not really feeling God. I admit, I pray with my kids at night, I sing the worship songs at church and the hymns in my CD player, and I can talk the talk but I am not doing the things a good Christian should. I have been beat over the head for so long with "you have to have a quiet time every morning before everyone else gets out of bed" that I just don't want to. I think I am having obedience issues. Sometimes I feel like I will never be close to God again but I know everyone goes through valleys and mountaintops. I have had those moments when I am super close to God and know what I was doing to feel close to God and in my head I know that that is what I am supposed to be doing...reading my Bible, comparing my life to the Biblical standards, praying all the time but I just don't feel like it. This is the time that I need to more than ever I suppose to get back into relationship with God. What do you do when you feel far away from God?


  1. drop everything you know. quit "praying" and trying in vain to "have a quiet time." and tell God that this is really hard not having Him. tell him with all the realness and not politeness that you can muster that this sucks. and ask for wisdom about how to come out of this valley. and ask for a miracle of gideon and the dew and sheep's skin proportions to see His presence in your life. ask for a great verse for right now, and begin to listen for his answer (it might be in the songs you sing to your kids, or the hymns in church, or a random stranger, or a whisper of something you learned a long time ago that's repeating in your head now.) and let that verse become a part of your being. say it until you can breathe it. and then pray it (personalize it from you to God with "I" and "You") and wait. sometimes it's us and sometimes God hides from us (Psalm 13:1, Psalm 10:11, Psalm 64:7)and, yet wants to be sought. (Deuteronomy 4:29, 1Chronicles16:10-12) And remember, no matter if He's hiding or it's you, He is always there. (Psalm 139:7-12, Joshua 1:5, Deuteronomy 31:8)
    i will pray for you.

  2. Thank you Suzanne! :0) I needed to hear that!