Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Canals are fun...

at least the ones are that you can boat on. I had a root canal today. That was not so fun. My tooth has been hurting for a couple of weeks and I have been constantly flossing trying to make it feel better. So I called the Dentist yesterday and got in today. The tooth that has been bothering me has had a crown on it for the last year and the root finally died. The dentist was great at explaining what was happening. I might be weird like that but I like knowing what all the little tools are and what they do. Thank goodness I was really numb, I can't imagine how it would feel if the novicane wore off. After I was all done I found out I only owed $100 for the whole thing. I was expecting somewhere around $400 as my last crown was over $300. So that was a nice surprise. After writing my check they sent me off to the pharmacy for antibiotics and main meds. I stopped a the drug store closest and what do you know the pharmacy was closed for the day. Not to worry, there seems to be a drug store on every corner these days. Within 15 minutes my prescription was filled and I was on my way to meet Bobby and the kids. I only took half of one of the pain pills as I was afraid they would make me sleepy but it was clear by the time I got to where I was meeting everyone that I needed the other half. I am not looking forward to the medication and the rest of the numb wearing off but at least I know it won't hurt as much as it did before the root canal.

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