Sunday, July 30, 2006


I am amazed at how smart my kids are. I am not trying to be a braggy mom at all. I know every kid is a genius in his or her mothers eyes but it is amazing when you can see it first hand. I guess I am really more amazed at Munchkins memory than anything. Tonight we were on our way home from buying a new booster seat and she said "Do you remember when we saw the bats at the zoo? " We thought for a minute and asked if it was with grandma and grandpa. "No, it was with my cousins!" Almost 2 years ago we went to the Memphis zoo with her cousins. It has a really cool bat cave. Also tonight she was talking to her grandpa and said "the first time you were here you didn't see Kelsey because we didn't have a dog then." He was impressed that she knew who had and had not seen Kelsey.
In other amazement news, the child does not have a shy bone in her body. Bobby played guitar at our friend Andrews church this morning. When the service was over there was a meal provided by the church. While Bobby was tearing down Munchkin was singing into the silent microphone. The pastor got down next to her and asked if she would still sing if the mic was on and of course she said yes. So, Munchkin had her first church solo this morning. Once the mic was back on she sang Jesus Loves me very confidently which was followed by a huge round of applause from the 100 or so people that were there. Several people gave her high fives and told her how well she did. It's funny because it doesn't even phase her. Maybe because she has seen Bobby on stage so much it just seems natural to get up and sing in front of people.

Obviously I can't leave Little Man out! We were thinking about getting a speech eval done for him recently because his speech had stopped progressing. Well, as soon as he started walking his vocabulary blossomed. He has a few 3 and 4 word sentences now like " I want my daddy", "My shoes on please", "where mommy go?" Every day he has new words.

What an adventure! I am so excited to see the growth and development of my little monkeys! I always wonder what they will say or do next.

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  1. that's awesome. i can't imagine mine singing into a mic!
    and i know it's a relief with little man's speech.