Thursday, June 22, 2006

When it rains it pours!

So we had quite a bit on the agenda for today. I had to drop off a Pampered Chef packet for a catalog show on the way to swimming lessons. After swimming we headed to Chickfila to have lunch with several friends. They were having customer appreciation and were handing out samples of their new milkshakes. The kids all got to see the cow walking around and all got balloons from him.
On our way out the door I noticed a little spot on my tire that happened to be a very large screw. So, since my tire wasn't flat I drove to Firestone to get it taken out. We have a road hazard thing so it was free to get the screw taken out, the tire patched and the tires balanced. The only catch was it was 1:30 (we were supposed to be on our way to dog obedience training) and they couldn't get us in until 4:30. Lucky for us the mall is only a parking lot away from Firestone.
Gymboree was having a fantastic 60% off sale and the Disney store was having a 50% off sale so we picked up a couple of beach towels and a couple of other things. We got to play on the playground, sign up for a trip from Fairfield resorts, and the kids shared a pretzel from Aunt Annies.
Bobby called and said that it hailed to hard at our house that lots of the leaves had been knocked off the trees. We are waiting for the video from a friend down the street.
While we were still waiting for the car to get done Bobby met us and we went to dinner at Chilis by the mall. Now we are home and the kids are already asleep getting ready for the next adventure tomorrow!

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