Saturday, June 10, 2006

So Happy/So Sad

Well, we have reached another milestone in Little Mans life tonight. It is exciting but also so sad. He is sleeping in his big boy race car bed tonight. My little baby is practically a little boy. Where on earth did the last 2 years go? The crib went in the attic along with a few toys and down came the race car. After I rocked him he got down and climbed in all by himself. Hopefully he will stay there until morning. I did move his kick and play piano from the crib to the bed because he likes to touch it when he is falling asleep. Hopefully that will help the transition. Although, it is looking like it will not be much of a transition at all. So I am happy it seems that transition is going well to big boy bed but I am sad that he is such a big boy already!

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  1. Well, how's it going? How is he doing in the big boy bed. We haven't even decided when we're going to put Jonah in one of those!