Monday, June 05, 2006

big who-rah

So last night was our churches big who-rah we raised a bunch of money to build new building celebration. There are 2000 giving units at our church and 1100 pledged money. They came up with over 11 million dollars. There has been quite a bit of controversy over this whole building project. There are the people who are totally gung-ho and those that wonder why we aren't raising 11 million to build a homeless shelter or crisis pregnancy center or fund mission trips. It seems that 45 % of the church does not support this project because the pledges support that, so why are we continuing? There are certain things the church needs like more parking, a bridge for the parking situation, and more room for the kids but a sports center? One friend said "If you want a Y build a Y. Anyway, that is not the point of this post.
Last nights celebration was pretty cool. Bobby had to play guitar for it so we decided we would go too even though it would be a really long night for the kids. I kept them in the sanctuary with me so they could be part of the whole shindig. There were 42 people bap-ti-tized at the beginning which was great for the kids to see. Then there was a game show like atmosphere as the numbers were revealed, then there were streamers and 45oo balloons were dropped from the ceiling. Little Man was all over the place grabbing balloons and running around. Where was Munchkin you might ask? Asleep on one of our comfy cushy chairs of course. I do not know how many people asked me "How did she sleep through all of this?" But my response always was "Daddy is a rock star..." It was mass chaos and my sweet little monkey slept through it all. She saw the video I took of her and thought it was pretty funny. At least she can sleep though that, now if only I could get her to sleep at night!

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