Sunday, June 25, 2006

So polite

What a proud moment I had tonight. I handed my Little Man half a cheeseburger and he said "no, tank you" He just turned 2! How did he get so big already??

Thursday, June 22, 2006

When it rains it pours!

So we had quite a bit on the agenda for today. I had to drop off a Pampered Chef packet for a catalog show on the way to swimming lessons. After swimming we headed to Chickfila to have lunch with several friends. They were having customer appreciation and were handing out samples of their new milkshakes. The kids all got to see the cow walking around and all got balloons from him.
On our way out the door I noticed a little spot on my tire that happened to be a very large screw. So, since my tire wasn't flat I drove to Firestone to get it taken out. We have a road hazard thing so it was free to get the screw taken out, the tire patched and the tires balanced. The only catch was it was 1:30 (we were supposed to be on our way to dog obedience training) and they couldn't get us in until 4:30. Lucky for us the mall is only a parking lot away from Firestone.
Gymboree was having a fantastic 60% off sale and the Disney store was having a 50% off sale so we picked up a couple of beach towels and a couple of other things. We got to play on the playground, sign up for a trip from Fairfield resorts, and the kids shared a pretzel from Aunt Annies.
Bobby called and said that it hailed to hard at our house that lots of the leaves had been knocked off the trees. We are waiting for the video from a friend down the street.
While we were still waiting for the car to get done Bobby met us and we went to dinner at Chilis by the mall. Now we are home and the kids are already asleep getting ready for the next adventure tomorrow!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Firefly Ballet

One of the best parts of summer in the south is watching the fireflies dance at dusk. Our kiddos love to chase them. Munchkin is getting really good at catch and release. I am pretty sure she doesn't smash any of the fireflies. Little Man on the other either hear his hands smack together or see him trying to smash the fireflies followed by maniacal laughter! It is so cute to watch. He is not fast enough yet to actually catch the fireflies which is good for them I suppose. He loves to say "My Bug!!" as he is chasing them around. We went for a walk tonight to the little park by our house. There were fireflies all over the place. It was a beautiful sight to see them dancing over the grass. I hope that Munchkin and Little Man with have memories of summer nights chasing the fireflies!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

And Mom of the year goes to......

Yesterday was a banner day for us! We were in such a hurry to get out the door I fed the kids Hostess Ding Dongs for breakfast. We went to Kindermusik and Target without incident but you have already read about my little firestarter. We tried to play outside in the sprinkler but it kept flying off of the hose and Little Man has a major aversion to water right now so I had him clinging to my hip screaming, the dog jumping in the mud and all over my clean jeans, and Munchkin whining because she was cold from the water. We came back inside and watched TV. Then, last night we put Little Man in his bed after waking him up from the car and he started screaming. I stayed with him for a little bit and then put him in his bed. He had just been changed, he had been fed, no fever, so we knew he was ok. He cried for 2 hours and we kept thinking he is going to stop and go to sleep. When we finally went to check on him his diaper full of poo was outside the gate on his door and he was laying on his tummy with his little naked bum waving in the air. So woo hoo for mom of the year! Hopefully today will go better than yesterday did!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

So Happy/So Sad

Well, we have reached another milestone in Little Mans life tonight. It is exciting but also so sad. He is sleeping in his big boy race car bed tonight. My little baby is practically a little boy. Where on earth did the last 2 years go? The crib went in the attic along with a few toys and down came the race car. After I rocked him he got down and climbed in all by himself. Hopefully he will stay there until morning. I did move his kick and play piano from the crib to the bed because he likes to touch it when he is falling asleep. Hopefully that will help the transition. Although, it is looking like it will not be much of a transition at all. So I am happy it seems that transition is going well to big boy bed but I am sad that he is such a big boy already!

Friday, June 09, 2006

The sarcastic apple...

doesn't fall far from the tree. The other night Munchkin was watching TV and Kelsey was barking her head off. In a most sarcastic voice we hear "Who'd have guessed? Kelseys barking.." Bobby and I just about fell on the floor. She is little miss 3 going on 14!
Munchkins favorite show is Pinky Dinky Doo. Pinky the main character plays the Great Big Fancy Word game. This is a great show because our daughter now knows how to correctly use the words: tenacious, engrossed, frustrated and Ukelele. Yes, she will be 4 in July....
So we have a little sarcastic genius in our midst. Did I mention she quotes movies too?

Monday, June 05, 2006

King of the Hill Goes to the Mega-Church

big who-rah

So last night was our churches big who-rah we raised a bunch of money to build new building celebration. There are 2000 giving units at our church and 1100 pledged money. They came up with over 11 million dollars. There has been quite a bit of controversy over this whole building project. There are the people who are totally gung-ho and those that wonder why we aren't raising 11 million to build a homeless shelter or crisis pregnancy center or fund mission trips. It seems that 45 % of the church does not support this project because the pledges support that, so why are we continuing? There are certain things the church needs like more parking, a bridge for the parking situation, and more room for the kids but a sports center? One friend said "If you want a Y build a Y. Anyway, that is not the point of this post.
Last nights celebration was pretty cool. Bobby had to play guitar for it so we decided we would go too even though it would be a really long night for the kids. I kept them in the sanctuary with me so they could be part of the whole shindig. There were 42 people bap-ti-tized at the beginning which was great for the kids to see. Then there was a game show like atmosphere as the numbers were revealed, then there were streamers and 45oo balloons were dropped from the ceiling. Little Man was all over the place grabbing balloons and running around. Where was Munchkin you might ask? Asleep on one of our comfy cushy chairs of course. I do not know how many people asked me "How did she sleep through all of this?" But my response always was "Daddy is a rock star..." It was mass chaos and my sweet little monkey slept through it all. She saw the video I took of her and thought it was pretty funny. At least she can sleep though that, now if only I could get her to sleep at night!

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Little Man will be 2 on Tuesday! We cannot believe how fast this year has gone. On Friday I went to get him out of his crib. He said "Mommy, my shoo-wee is wet!" Then he said "This is my shirt." I could have fallen on the floor. He has said several 2 word sentences over the last month like "my shirt, my socks, my shoes, milk please, sissy, go?, daddys truck", etc.. But for him to say 2 complete sentences in a row was so cool! We had just been talking about getting a speech eval done through Tennessee Early Intervention but it doesn't look like it will be necessary. We may still test him anyway to see where he falls and to make sure he doesn't need speech along with PT and OT. My little man is already so big!