Friday, May 05, 2006

Rain Rain...

go away, the marching band wants to play....
We are supposed to go to the strawberry patch today but it is raining so indoor playground at the mall here we come!

Speaking of rain rain go away. Munchkin was singing that in the car on the way home from church on Wednesday and Little Man sang along with her. Very cute! He loves to copy her every chance he gets. She likes it so far but we will see how that goes in the near future.

Kelsey does not like the rain.. I have already stood outside with her in it several times so she can go pee. She goes and then runs right back up the stairs.

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  1. Ok, Karen...
    I've been reading for a while. Can't remember if I found your blog through Mike Lee, or Bryan Ashmore, or who knows. This is Trevor Carpenter. Bobby will remember me from APU if you don't. No biggy.

    I'm podcasting (a lot), and blogging (a little). It's great to hear that your family is growing. I'm real happy for you guys. We have 3, and one more due in Sept.

    Say hi to Bobby for me.