Wednesday, May 24, 2006


It is so strange to me that I get presents because I teach 4 year olds. I guess that means I need to get my rear in gear and get gifts for Munchkin and Little man's teachers. I don't even teach at a school. I teach 4 year olds in Cubbies at church. At Christmas one family gave me a bucket with popcorn, hot chocolate, and Hershey kisses. Another family gave me a scarf with matching gloved from Old Navy. Tonight was the last night of cubbies for the summer. You have no idea how glad I am. The kids in my class were great but I have several months of not having to drive to church twice on Wednesday. We had a movie and popcorn "slumber party" in the little tree house at our church. The kids were WILD!!! There were a few that sat still and watched the movie but the other 45 or so ran all over the room like banshees (Munchkin included). There were 7 teachers and we all pretty much sat back and watched. We were crowd control. 8 pm did not come soon enough. Along with it though came 2 more gifts! A Buttercream Yankee candle and a book called "Faith Builders for Women". I did not expect anything but it was such a sweet gesture from the moms that really understood we had worked hard this year with their kiddos. :0)
Now, what to get for the other teachers....

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  1. hey- thanks for commenting on my blog!
    i don't have much time right now to read - you know, i have 2 boys hanging on my arm :)! but i'm looking forward to reading more. you are SO appreciated for working at cubbies - both of my boys go and we love it! and by the way, i've seen both mermaid espisodes - little bear one's okay, but i love the backyardigans one. when we're trying to get the kiddos to sleep on the way home from somewhere we put the mermaid song on repeat. (yes, i am critiquing children's shows, what could be better!)