Tuesday, April 11, 2006

First Steps

My little guy took his first steps tonight!!!!!!! :0) Of course it was the one time I did not have my camera but he took them all the same. You know that we have been struggling with gross motor development due to his ACC so this is a huge accomplishment for him! We were at Dinner 8 with friends from our Connect Group at church, he stood up and I held out a french fry for him to come get and her took 4 steps toward me! He will be 2 in June and we were hoping that he would start walking before then!!

Another first step is my daughter asking questions about Jesus and baptism. On Sunday there was no childcare for church due to the tornados and not knowing if we were going to have power or not. My little girl got to see a couple of kids get baptized and she asked why the kids were in the water. We explained to her that they had asked Jesus to be their savior and they were getting baptized to show everyone else that they had become Christians. It is funny how kids minds work because that night in the bathtub she asked if she and her little brother were Christians because they were in the tub. We talked more about what a Christian is and why people get baptized.

Tonight at our friends house she was laying on the couch and she said to our host "Now people won't die." When asked what she meant she said "While we were sinners Christ died for us". It is so exciting to see her memorizing scripture and telling other people about Jesus.

I know there will be many more "first steps" for our children but these are huge for today!


  1. That is so great about Ben walking and Bethany wanting to know more about being a Christian. I'm so proud of you that you are building a Christian legacy to leave your children and grandchildren.