Saturday, April 29, 2006

Drumroll please....

The name of our new puppy is....... Kelsey Triangle!!! Yeah for a name. Day one with the puppy was trying at best. I have some cute pictures of the kids with her already but of course I can't get just the kids to look at me for a picture much less a dog.

We are having a hard time getting ahold of shot records so we can enroll her in a training class. I have to go back and talk to the girl I got her from tomorrow or Monday and get that straightened out.

Kelsey is a pretty sweet little girl. She is mellow so far. She is at least making it closer to the door before she pees...that means at least she is not on the carpet! Bobby stayed up with her last night. We are trying to crate train but she cried all night so Bobby was awake all night. I think he said he took her out at least 5 times to go potty.

I have never been much of a dog person since getting bitten while delivering girl scout cookies in 6th grade. The next week I was chased by a german shepard while riding my bike. Hopefully raising Kelsey will make me more of a dog person. I'll keep you updated though to let you know if I am insane!

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