Sunday, April 30, 2006

April Showers

Wow! What a day already and it is only 1:30 in the afternoon! Bobby stayed up with Kelsey again last night. He put her in the crate and she slept pretty well in there. She whined a bit but he did a good job of ignoring her so she will get used to the crate.

This morning I got up with the kids and got them both dressed. We decided that Bobby would stay home from church with our little man and the new puppy. That way we wouldn't have pee accidents and Bobby got the added bonus of getting to see the beginning of the race. I got out the door with plenty of time to get to church for the sermon and to do music for 4 year olds. As I turned out onto our main road I noticed the car pulling to the left. It has been out of alignment before but has always pulled to the right. I also noticed that the car was lower than normal. Yes, I have gained quite a bit of weight over the last few years but not enough to make that car ride like that! So, I pulled over into a parking lot pretty much around the corner from our house (across the street from a church). I called Bobby to let him know and he was headed out to rescue me. He walked with the puppy and our little man.

While pulling the 2 huge bags of pine mulch that I bought last night and the safety spare I noticed a guy get out of his trailblazer and run into the church. A couple of minutes later he came back out to see if he could help. I was having a little bit of trouble with the jack because it was a crank one and I have not used that kind before so I was happy to let him help. I called Bobby to let him know that I had help but he left his cell at home and didn't get the message. Just after the guy went back into church Bobby came down the street with Kelsey and little man*. Everyone loaded into the car and we went back home. Bobby moved Munchkins* car seat to the truck and she I took off again for church with the tire in the back to drop off at Firestone on the way.

After Firestone we thought all was smooth sailing. We got on the bypass, started up a hill and the speed started to drop. Then the truck started to shimmy. I called Bobby to see what was going on and he remembered that that had happened several other times but hadn't been too worried about it. We finally made it to church in one piece, to late for the worship service but just in time to get really really rained on.

On the way home we stopped at Quiznos to get lunch for everyone. (All orders were right! yeah!) As we got close to home we had another hill to climb in the truck and it once again started to lose speed. We actually at one point had to completely stop and let the truck rest a second before going the rest of the way home. We got home to Bobby cleaning up a puppy diarrhea trail and little man filling the puppy's water dish with food. Like I said it is only 1:30 what else can possibly happen today? (Like I really want to ask!)

*Our little girl with now be known as muchkin and our son will be known as little man

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Drumroll please....

The name of our new puppy is....... Kelsey Triangle!!! Yeah for a name. Day one with the puppy was trying at best. I have some cute pictures of the kids with her already but of course I can't get just the kids to look at me for a picture much less a dog.

We are having a hard time getting ahold of shot records so we can enroll her in a training class. I have to go back and talk to the girl I got her from tomorrow or Monday and get that straightened out.

Kelsey is a pretty sweet little girl. She is mellow so far. She is at least making it closer to the door before she pees...that means at least she is not on the carpet! Bobby stayed up with her last night. We are trying to crate train but she cried all night so Bobby was awake all night. I think he said he took her out at least 5 times to go potty.

I have never been much of a dog person since getting bitten while delivering girl scout cookies in 6th grade. The next week I was chased by a german shepard while riding my bike. Hopefully raising Kelsey will make me more of a dog person. I'll keep you updated though to let you know if I am insane!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Guess what we got today....

She doesn't have a name yet but Harmony Triangle is being tossed about. Bobby wants something fierce though so any suggestions would be welcome. :0)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Laurie "Partner"

One of favorite musicians is Laurie Berkner. Apparently she is not doing gigs any more right now because she recently had a baby. Our kids LOVE her!!!! Right now we all have "We are the Dinosaurs" stuck in our heads along with "Doodlebugs" (which happens to be about Seinfeld), and "This is my book" We picked up her CD at the library and it has been playing non stop in our car for the last week. If you need some fun kids music go pick up Laurie Berkner. Our little girl calls her Laurie Partner even though we correct her every time. Of course she insisted that Wonder Pets was something else until I looked it up and made her listen to the words...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Extreme Home Makeover

As you know almost 2 weeks ago tornados ripped through the county next door to ours. (5 miles as the crow flies). There is a woman from Hendersonville named Amy Hawkins who saved her children but is now paralyzed and their home was destroyed. Her husband is a firefighter who was out that day. There is a petition online for them to be on Extreme Home Makeover. Here is the link so you can go sign the petition. This is a very deserving family so please sign it.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Egg cheese

Today we colored Easter Eggs on our front porch. I made 13 because I had one left from a dozen. Bobby had to play guitar at church tonight so I stayed home with the kids. I asked my beautiful daughter what she wanted for dinner. Of course tonight was the night she wanted scrambled eggs. I explained to her that I had hard boiled all of the eggs but she could have the one that cracked while we were coloring them. She said ok and proceeded to eat the egg. She ate all the way around the yolk and said "Can I eat the egg cheese too?" I explained that it was the yolk but knew I had to write it down so I can remember the funny things she says!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

First Steps

My little guy took his first steps tonight!!!!!!! :0) Of course it was the one time I did not have my camera but he took them all the same. You know that we have been struggling with gross motor development due to his ACC so this is a huge accomplishment for him! We were at Dinner 8 with friends from our Connect Group at church, he stood up and I held out a french fry for him to come get and her took 4 steps toward me! He will be 2 in June and we were hoping that he would start walking before then!!

Another first step is my daughter asking questions about Jesus and baptism. On Sunday there was no childcare for church due to the tornados and not knowing if we were going to have power or not. My little girl got to see a couple of kids get baptized and she asked why the kids were in the water. We explained to her that they had asked Jesus to be their savior and they were getting baptized to show everyone else that they had become Christians. It is funny how kids minds work because that night in the bathtub she asked if she and her little brother were Christians because they were in the tub. We talked more about what a Christian is and why people get baptized.

Tonight at our friends house she was laying on the couch and she said to our host "Now people won't die." When asked what she meant she said "While we were sinners Christ died for us". It is so exciting to see her memorizing scripture and telling other people about Jesus.

I know there will be many more "first steps" for our children but these are huge for today!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Tennessee Tornados

I am a little bit jumpy tonight. Every sound is startling after the day we had. One of the wooden letters in my little guys room fell off the wall and made me run to both the kids rooms to make sure everything was OK and downstairs to check the weather. Our neighborhood is fine, in fact we barely got rain much less tornados We did sit in the basement at our neighbors house for several hours watching the storm tracker. As we watched I kept saying "I know people that live in that development, or I know someone who lives on that street".
The county that got hit the hardest yesterday is the county where we go to church and most of our friends live close by there. I think I spent more time on the phone yesterday than I have in the last month trying to make sure people were OK and trying to see if we could do anything.

It is amazing how fast things can change in a life. Several of us were planning on going to a new local scrapbook store to a crop last night. One of the girls and I had been talking about how she was cleaning her house and how her husband was out cutting the grass but she was going to check in with him to see if he had plans so she could go scrap. Later one of the pastors from our church pulled their family out of a closet in their house and took them away from there. Apparently their house sustained significant damage.

Another friend thought her dad was dead. She had taken her kids to go to her sisters where there was a basement and not long after she left the tornado hit her parents house. The entire side of the street where her parents live is flattened but he is OK. He was able to get into a closet right before the storm hit.

We have another friend who lost some trim and shingles but houses 100 yards from him were flattened, This is in a neighborhood where there are beautiful brand new brick homes.

We have several friends we have still not been able to get a hold of and there is major damage everywhere we normally go. Please be praying for the victims of this tragedy and their families. Pray that electricity will be restored quickly, water will not be contaminated, and insurance can start working on claims as quickly as possible. Pray that people either get to the shelters set up around the area and that people will open their homes to friends and those that lost everything. Please pray no more storms come through like this.

It seems the storms have subsided for the night so I am going to head back to bed. Good night.