Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Why is it ok for a local church and the firefighters or police to stand in the intersections basically panhandling and for us to give joyfully to them when the person who has a disabled vet sign or dirty clothes doing the same thing is ignored.
I guess it looks legit to give money to a cause where you know where your money is going but what about those people that actually need the money?
Recently a church in our area has been soliciting money in this way. There are 4 men wearing ties holding buckets walking up and down in the middle of traffic in all four directions. I saw people handing out money left and right to this organization. The next day there was a man sitting on the side of a shopping cart in dirty clothes holding a sign in the same area. He was virtually ignored by everyone that passed him, people averted their eyes to not see this man. Who knows what his situation is but that is not up to us to judge. We are to give of our resources joyfully because they are not ours to give they are Gods.
I guess this is just a vent about society as a whole and Christians that are doing nothing to help others. I know I do not give as joyfully as I could or want to but I pray that I am able to start doing more.

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  1. You have a beautiful heart, Karen. Thanks for this reminder.