Thursday, March 02, 2006


Well, yesterday was the beginning of Lent (the 40 days leading up to Easter). Before I went to college I had no idea what lent was. I worked at Burger King my freshman year and on Ash Wednesday couldn't figure out why all of these people kept coming in with smudges on their foreheads and ordering fish sandwiches. Going to APU opened my eyes to what Lent is and led me to practice every year. Every year when I try to give something up or try to talk about Lent people think I am insane. But, I try to give something up to remind myself to pray more often and get closer to the Lord. So, it is not about them it is about me and God. This year I am trying to give up caffeinated soda. Hopefully it will prompt me to pray every time I want to reach for one. If you practice Lent what are you giving up? If you do not celebrate Lent and could like more information you can go to Ken Collins site where it is all laid out.


  1. Thanks for that link. The subject of lent has come up for me quite a bit in the last few weeks - there's a lot of helpful information on there!

  2. Karen-
    thanks for visiting my site and commenting. it gave me a chance to visit yours. i love it! aren't kids great!! i love the pink and especially the title - we get a lot of bad press for staying home, don't we? keep posting, and i'll keep visiting!