Sunday, March 26, 2006


Yuck! Both of my kiddos are hacking up nasty phlemy stuff. It all started a couple of days ago and just seems to be getting worse. I called the Dr. Yesterday and he said as long as there is no fever they should be ok and just give them some Pediacare. Hopefully that will help my babies not cough as much and get over this respiratory thing quickly.

My little guy has his orthotics now. They are working wonders! He is pulling up and cruising all over the place. Tonight he was pulling up to stand and letting go for a couple of seconds before landing on his bum. Unfortunately, he has some bruising from the top of the orthotic on one of his legs. I think he must have fallen last night when someone was watching him. He didn't want them on this morning and I am sure it is because they are bumping his bruise.

My little girl has slept with me the last couple of nights. She is way more cuddly when she doesn't feel good. I think it makes her feel more secure. Daddy has been away playing with his band so I have let it slide. I did tell her I would be moving her back to her room since daddy is coming home tonight. I can't wait for him to get here.

I went to an Arbonne biggest loser party last night. I have all of the Arbonne shakes and stuff now I just have to use all of it. We tried out some different shake recipes that made them taste really good so now I have some ideas and can get started on this 2 month challenge. Maybe this will get me motivated to lose some of my baby weight.

Time to head to bed so I can take my little ones to story hour tomorrow. It is all about the letter T. Bed is on hold for a few so I can find a couple of things that start with T.

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  1. I hope my grandbabies feel alot better by now. Love ya!