Tuesday, March 21, 2006


As we were driving home from Physical Therapy this morning I was watching the clouds rolling by overhead. (I was paying attention more to my driving than the clouds, not to worry). I was just thinking about how much I love flying on yucky days like today. You start off on the runway feeling maybe a little anxious for take off, hoping everything is going to be ok, that the plane will actually get in the air. As you watch everything on the ground get smaller and smaller you either get more anxious or start to relax a bit. You enter the clouds and can see nothing but white or gray then miraculously you break through the clouds into this amazing beautiful place. You realize the sky is a beautiful place and feel like nothing bad can touch you there. Breaking through the clouds into the sunshine and flying right above the clouds for me is an amazing feeling. I love seeing the colors reflected off the top of the clouds, the bright blue sky, and the sun in the distance. It is always a little disappointing to come back down again into the drizzle and gray but there is always a loved one waiting at the next place. There are people that don't like to fly but maybe they have never had that experience of seeing what a beautiful place the sky is. It has been awhile since we flew (and since I had a window seat, car seats go in the window seat) but I can't wait until the next time.

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