Saturday, March 11, 2006

The BOuNcE fAcToRy

If you do not have a bouncy place near your home you need to seriously think about investing in one! The new Bounce Factory just opened near us and it is the best place ever!! :0) The grand opening was today so a couple of friends and I took the kiddos over to check it out. We walked in the door and got our hands stamped with purple cupcake stamps. The first character we saw was a large piece of Papa Johns Pizza. My daughter loved it, my son hated it and immediately started screaming. Not far behind pizza guy was Elmo, BJ (from Barney) and Baby Bop and Dora the Explorer. After sufficiently annoying the characters we went into a very large warehouse room that had giant blowup basketball courts, a 20 Ft inflatable slide, a bumpy slide and a really large obstacle course. After bouncing and running and jumping for awhile we were led into the "party room" where they served the kids cupcakes and lemonade. We were allowed to cycle back through if we wanted and were able to get the girls faces painted. What fun! It wore the kids out. Mommy too, since I went through several of the inflatables with my girl. Like I said it is a booming business and would be a great thing to get into. :0)

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  1. Hi Karen,
    I loved the pictures and the video of the Bounce House. I created my blog so I could put comments on yours. Mine is awomanofacertainage.
    Love ya, Mom