Friday, March 31, 2006

Hair today...gone tomorrow

I got my haircut yesterday for the first time in probably a year and a half. It feels nice an springy. :0)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Should I feel more ashamed?

So tonight I had a little temper tantrum. Would my Grandma be proud? Maybe.. Jesus, not so much. I routinely go to US Bank and cash checks so I have cash and can deposit cash in my other account. Tonight I went in and told the guy I wanted to deposit $25 and get the rest of the check in cash. He told me because my name is not on the check I am not allowed to cash it. I explained to him that I do this all the time and have never had a problem. He went on to tell me it is illegal for me to try top cash a check not in my name..blah, blah, blah. I said fine and grabbed the check out of the guys hand and walked about 50 feet and turned back around. I went back and told him I wanted to close my account. I said we had had countless problems with that bank and proceeded to ask if he was new since I had never seen him before. Turns out he was the branch manager and had a pretty lousy day. Once I said I wanted to close my account he practically turned cartwheels to keep it open. Apparently if I write pay to the order of on the back they will cash a check. So I wrote that on there right in front of him and he cashed it for me.

Once we had both calmed down I told him about my Grandma Ruth. Sometimes when my sister, my mom or I have a little meltdown we like to say there was a little Ruth coming out. We loved my Grandma dearly but she was not known for being the nicest lady in the world. She was the squeaky wheel that would get something done when it needed to be.

I am a really nice person but people that are rude to customers really drive me crazy. Unfortunately for that bank manager he hit the button that made me go Ruth on him!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Show of hands

Over at AddisonRd they did a check in to see who was lurking or reading. I know there are at least 3 people that read my blog. Could you leave me a comment so I can see who is reading. :0)


Sunday, March 26, 2006


Yuck! Both of my kiddos are hacking up nasty phlemy stuff. It all started a couple of days ago and just seems to be getting worse. I called the Dr. Yesterday and he said as long as there is no fever they should be ok and just give them some Pediacare. Hopefully that will help my babies not cough as much and get over this respiratory thing quickly.

My little guy has his orthotics now. They are working wonders! He is pulling up and cruising all over the place. Tonight he was pulling up to stand and letting go for a couple of seconds before landing on his bum. Unfortunately, he has some bruising from the top of the orthotic on one of his legs. I think he must have fallen last night when someone was watching him. He didn't want them on this morning and I am sure it is because they are bumping his bruise.

My little girl has slept with me the last couple of nights. She is way more cuddly when she doesn't feel good. I think it makes her feel more secure. Daddy has been away playing with his band so I have let it slide. I did tell her I would be moving her back to her room since daddy is coming home tonight. I can't wait for him to get here.

I went to an Arbonne biggest loser party last night. I have all of the Arbonne shakes and stuff now I just have to use all of it. We tried out some different shake recipes that made them taste really good so now I have some ideas and can get started on this 2 month challenge. Maybe this will get me motivated to lose some of my baby weight.

Time to head to bed so I can take my little ones to story hour tomorrow. It is all about the letter T. Bed is on hold for a few so I can find a couple of things that start with T.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


As we were driving home from Physical Therapy this morning I was watching the clouds rolling by overhead. (I was paying attention more to my driving than the clouds, not to worry). I was just thinking about how much I love flying on yucky days like today. You start off on the runway feeling maybe a little anxious for take off, hoping everything is going to be ok, that the plane will actually get in the air. As you watch everything on the ground get smaller and smaller you either get more anxious or start to relax a bit. You enter the clouds and can see nothing but white or gray then miraculously you break through the clouds into this amazing beautiful place. You realize the sky is a beautiful place and feel like nothing bad can touch you there. Breaking through the clouds into the sunshine and flying right above the clouds for me is an amazing feeling. I love seeing the colors reflected off the top of the clouds, the bright blue sky, and the sun in the distance. It is always a little disappointing to come back down again into the drizzle and gray but there is always a loved one waiting at the next place. There are people that don't like to fly but maybe they have never had that experience of seeing what a beautiful place the sky is. It has been awhile since we flew (and since I had a window seat, car seats go in the window seat) but I can't wait until the next time.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Who is the next American idol?

Why, my daughter of course. She may only be 3 and 3/4 but the girl can belt a tune. As we were getting in the car this afternoon to go to the park she sang "Here I am, once again, I'm torn into pieces, can't deny it can't pretend" perfectly in tune and in the right key. Now this was one of the best instances of yes our children do listen to what we have on the radio and can repeat what they hear word for word. We have heard her repeat other things that have been funny also but this just made us smile. Hopefully we are filling her mind with edifying ideas and not bad ones that are worth nothing.

Our little guys vocabulary is also taking off. He is 21 months (will be 2 June 6th) and told grandma on the phone "I love you, bye bye". He also said Jello today. He also got his orthotics yesterday and has been much more willing to stand. He is even taking a few little steps if we hold his hands. We are praying that he will be walking before he is 2. My back really wants that a lot!

I can't believe how fast they are growing and changing and learning every single day. I want to cherish this time and blog like this so I will be able to remember funny stories to tell my babies when they are older.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Why is it ok for a local church and the firefighters or police to stand in the intersections basically panhandling and for us to give joyfully to them when the person who has a disabled vet sign or dirty clothes doing the same thing is ignored.
I guess it looks legit to give money to a cause where you know where your money is going but what about those people that actually need the money?
Recently a church in our area has been soliciting money in this way. There are 4 men wearing ties holding buckets walking up and down in the middle of traffic in all four directions. I saw people handing out money left and right to this organization. The next day there was a man sitting on the side of a shopping cart in dirty clothes holding a sign in the same area. He was virtually ignored by everyone that passed him, people averted their eyes to not see this man. Who knows what his situation is but that is not up to us to judge. We are to give of our resources joyfully because they are not ours to give they are Gods.
I guess this is just a vent about society as a whole and Christians that are doing nothing to help others. I know I do not give as joyfully as I could or want to but I pray that I am able to start doing more.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

The BOuNcE fAcToRy

If you do not have a bouncy place near your home you need to seriously think about investing in one! The new Bounce Factory just opened near us and it is the best place ever!! :0) The grand opening was today so a couple of friends and I took the kiddos over to check it out. We walked in the door and got our hands stamped with purple cupcake stamps. The first character we saw was a large piece of Papa Johns Pizza. My daughter loved it, my son hated it and immediately started screaming. Not far behind pizza guy was Elmo, BJ (from Barney) and Baby Bop and Dora the Explorer. After sufficiently annoying the characters we went into a very large warehouse room that had giant blowup basketball courts, a 20 Ft inflatable slide, a bumpy slide and a really large obstacle course. After bouncing and running and jumping for awhile we were led into the "party room" where they served the kids cupcakes and lemonade. We were allowed to cycle back through if we wanted and were able to get the girls faces painted. What fun! It wore the kids out. Mommy too, since I went through several of the inflatables with my girl. Like I said it is a booming business and would be a great thing to get into. :0)

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Well, yesterday was the beginning of Lent (the 40 days leading up to Easter). Before I went to college I had no idea what lent was. I worked at Burger King my freshman year and on Ash Wednesday couldn't figure out why all of these people kept coming in with smudges on their foreheads and ordering fish sandwiches. Going to APU opened my eyes to what Lent is and led me to practice every year. Every year when I try to give something up or try to talk about Lent people think I am insane. But, I try to give something up to remind myself to pray more often and get closer to the Lord. So, it is not about them it is about me and God. This year I am trying to give up caffeinated soda. Hopefully it will prompt me to pray every time I want to reach for one. If you practice Lent what are you giving up? If you do not celebrate Lent and could like more information you can go to Ken Collins site where it is all laid out.