Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I Won!!

So, I never actually win anything. Everyone gets a million surveys offering free things and I never take them because they are all spam. Well, several weeks ago I got a survey in my email that I actually use. I am guessing that they got it from Lifeway from when I was a moderator for the Bible Study Believing God. It was a survey about church resources and offered a drawing for a gift card for I actually had a couple of minutes and decided I would go ahead and fill it out.
Monday I got an email saying Congratulations you have won $200 to Woo hoo!!! We are painting our kitchen right now and I was able to get a pot rack and nail rack for after we finish painting. I also got homedic massage slippers, 2 pairs of tights for my little girl, a pair of jeans for my little boy, a valentine gift for my hubby, a mat stack, and 2 games. Quite a haul for someone who never wins anything!
Now, once we get those new drawer pulls we can finish off the kitchen!

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