Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bowling and Dinner 8

Last night was my connect groups first Dinner 8. For this you are supposed to get together with 3 other couples. The host home provides the house and the main dish, the second couple brings bread and a side, the third couple brings salad and the last couple bring dessert. It rotates each month. Well, our 1st host was sick so the rest of us decided to get together anyway. We decided to go bowling at our local family fun center.
The first thing we noticed was that we had bumpers in our lane. Our little girl bowled and so did our friends little boy who is about 4 and 1/2. I guess the bumpers were helpful but I think it threw me off. One of the girls figured out how to use the bumpers to her advantage in the second game and kicked out bums!
One of the maintenance guys brought over a little ramp for the kids to use so it wouldn't take an hour for their bowling balls to get down the lane. They thought that was pretty cool and were able to even set it up themselves.
One thing about me is that if there is any possible way I can injure myself in a sport (involved or not) it will happen. Last night was an exception for me but apparently the apple doesn't fell far from the tree. My little girl was trying to do a push up or something and smacked her head on the floor giving herself a really nice purple bruise on her forehead.
I think we have decided that our Dinner 8s need to be Dinner and activities because we had such a good time. As soon as I edit the pictures I will post a few.

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