Friday, January 20, 2006

Demise and Rebirth of the Graupner Terry

My hubby has an obsession with airplanes. If he could he would be flying in the Air Force right now. Unfortunately his eyesite does not permit this. To make up of for the lack of being able to soar through the air he has a couple of flight sim games that he really loves to play. Recently he was able to fly the C130 simulator at his brothers air force base. The band was with him and were pretty impressed with how well he did. For his 29th birthday I got him a flying lesson. I know I will never be able to top that but as a second runner up I got him a remote control airplane called a Graupner Terry. 2 of the guys from Bobbys band Salient are working at Hobby Lobby so they were able to hook me up with a pretty sweet deal.

The box for this cool plane said it took 2 hours to assemble. 10 hours later we were ready to fly. Bobby did do some extra modifications to make the plane more sturdy that he had read about on some message boards and it turns out that was a very good thing to do.

Last Saturday we headed out to a park near our house that has plenty of open room. Bobby was nervous to fly the plane because he thought it might crash immediately. He tested the different parts to make sure they worked and did his first take off. It went great! He flew the plane around and landed it successfully. He attempted a second take off that also went off without a hitch. After flying for 5 minutes or so the plane was further out that either of us thought and nicked a tree and went into a nose dive, flew across the street and down into the lake. By the time I got across the street with both of the kids he was in the water trying to rescues the plane. We think that the plane went straight down in the water because the canopy was missing and the nosegear had popped off. Sounds like a complete loss, yes? Well, once we got the plane home and dried out miraculously all of the electronics still work. We purchased a new canopy and an extra battery and are going to fly again tomorrow! :0) Hopefully that will go better and we won't have to have another rebirth. Although, it is fun for Bobby to have a hobby that he loves! Of course the flying is much more fun that rebuilding the plane.

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