Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Salient in Birmingham

Salient played in Birmingham last night and we got back a few hours ago. They played at a Youth in Action Conference at the Sheraton conference center. Through a Glass was the opener and Kutless was the headliner for the show.
It was one of the ideal venues for them to play for us to go with them. The organizers were really willing to work with us on everything. We were able to check into the hotel early in the afternoon, the kids were able to nap and play while soundcheck was happening, and I was able to get to know our bass players wife a little bit better. After the guys soundchecked we went to the sports grille at the hotel and had dinner, then headed up to the green room. Once again it was ideal for us because I could stay up there with the kids and hear everything really well. I could even peak out and see the guys on the big screens. There was another little girl there that played with our little girl for a long time.
Once the kids were ready for bed I was able to take them back to our room and put them to bed.
I love events like this that are well thought out, detailed and everyone knows what is going on. I love going to concerts when we can. Sometimes it is not possible just because it is too late for the kids to be out or it is too far away. We want to be part of it while we can because in a couple of years we won't be able to. Our little girl will be in Kindergarten by then and we won't be able to just up and go whenever we want.
Trips like this are great too because we get to see new places. We drove through the Civil Rights District, past a park and right through the heart of downtown. We took the kids to the Mcwane Science Center which is right downtown. They had a fantastic time playing in water, turning knobs, playing with air, and flying airplanes. They were not however impressed with the dinosaur display. We thought that they would both love it but the dinos were animated so they made them cry.
After 2 long days the kids crashed pretty quickly tonight...Now if they would just sleep in later than 7:45 tomorrow we would be good to go. :0)

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