Friday, December 23, 2005


1 MINUTE AGO: Trying to see if there are any Pampered Chef Blogs set up

1 HOUR AGO: Rocking my baby boy before his nap

1 DAY AGO: shopping for my hubbys christmas presents

1 WEEK AGO: Laying in the couch sick as a dog

1 MONTH AGO: We were in Texas for Thanksgiving and were at Sears getting family pictures taken. That was fun let me tell ya!

1 YEAR AGO: Once again we were in Texas. Hubbys parents flew us down so we could all be together before my husbands brother got deployed.

1 DECADE AGO: I was a Junior Music major at Azusa Pacific in Ca. I was also a Student Orientation leader, was in band, handbell choir, worked at Payless Shoe Source and the mail room at school.

1 SCORE AGO: I was in 4th grade and moved from Illinois to California. I was a Junior in Girl Scouts and started going to Awanas.

1 QUARTER CENTURY AGO: I was 6 and in Kindergarten. My teacher was a little person. I remember thinking it was so cool that I was the same size as her!

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