Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Happy 8th Anniversary to James and Aerika

oh yeah and to us! :0) That was one of those weddings Bobby and I couldn't make it to as we had plans ourselves.

It is so fun to reflect on what our wedding day held. That was the day we found out that the annual Glendora Christmas parade goes down Glendora Ave and onto Foothill right by Vons and right past the hair salon where I got my hair done. We did go to it the following year but as a frantic bride in torn jeans and button up shirt and my hair done with my veil I stopped a cop who got on his radio to find out exactly what the parade route was so Bobby could go pick up our cake at Vons. He became the master of alley way driving that morning.

When I arrived at the church the flowers were just arriving. My bouquet was beautiful but the rest of the flowers were much smaller that what had been shown to me so back they went to be fixed.

Then there were the things I didn't know about until later like Bobby was supposed to order pizza for the handbell choir that was playing for us. Rosy took care of that for us. Also, we have no idea what happened to our piano player. She was at rehearsal and at the reception but was not there for the ceremony. All I can think of it that it was LA maybe there was terrible traffic. Our good friend Mike stepped in and played for us even though he was not a fan of our trumpet player.

It is so fun to look back at our wedding pictures and see how young we looked and at the excitement of what was to come. I feel so blessed to have a husband who is rooted in his faith. God is really the foundation of our marriage. I just pray we can raise our kids to know God and find spouses that believe in God with all of their hearts.

So, for our anniversary, we were planning on going out tonight. We had a babysitter lined up and everything. On the way home from physical Therapy this morning my 18 month old puked all over the car. So we are renting a couple of movies and putting the kiddos to bed early. Maybe another time this week we will get out to see The Chronicles of Narnia.


  1. happy anniversary guys.

    I still remember being pulled aside on my way in to the church, and tole, "dude, you have to play piano. The ceremony starts right now, so you'll have to sight-read this herald trumpet and piano duet, and the organ predule, and how are your banjo chops?"

  2. Thanks Michael. :0) Bobby said he didn't remember asking about banjo chops.... thanks again for doing that! It made everything all the more memorable!