Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ahhhh Sunday

A day of rest and relaxation right? Not if you are southern Baptist and have to be in the pew every time the door opens. I am really not complaining, I love our church but we live 18 miles away....These are not freeway miles, these are go by the mall onto the backroads kind of miles. I remember when Sundays were not so hard. My hubby and I would get up and go to church sometimes having to be there early if he was going to play or if I was on the praise team. Now Sundays are just hard.
We get up about 7:30 (hubby leaves about 6:45 if he is playing that day) leave for church by 8:15. Get the kiddos to Sunday School and the nursery by 8:55 and get into the service at 9. Go to Connect group at 10:45 and usually get out by 12:15ish. By the time we pick up the kids and get them and their projects loaded in the car it is 12:30-12:45. Our boy is usually asleep before leaving the parking lot and our girl has given up naps so she is hungry and ready to be home.
We usually grab something to eat on the way home and have a picnic on the floor in the living room.
Our little guy wakes up and is ready to eat so he gets a little snack or his lunch depending on the time.
3:45 rolls around and it is time to head back to church. I am taking Financial Peace University and have to be there by 4:30 for the class which means our kids have to be in the nursery and to Kids choir by 4:25. FPU goes until 6 when the evening service starts. I tend not to stay for the service since my kids haven't eaten since snack time and we have to get dinner. By the time we get home it is time for the kids to go to bed and for me to watch Desperate Housewives and Greys Anatomy.

I talked to my Connect Group leader the other day. He has been working on an online Bible study resource for different groups. He has been reading up a lot on the emergent church and has been asking himself a lot of hard questions about what the "church" is really supposed to be doing. He even asked a woman in our Sunday School class to pray at the end of class today. I like to think our church is moving in a more emergent direction and with leaders who are open to asking questions there is hope that our goal won't be to be in the pew every time the door opens (even though it is great to be in church) but to be the salt of the earth and moving people to come to know Christ.


  1. Wow - that's a crazy Sunday. I could never do it! My Sunday is a little more simple: 10:15 leave for church. 10:45 service starts. 12:00 leave for home. the end!!

  2. Geez, girl. My Sunday's more like Sherri's, though I go a little earlier to warm up with the choir.

    What do you mean, he actually asked a woman to pray?


  3. It is a Southern Baptist Church. Usually just the guys are asked to pray to close out class.