Friday, August 19, 2005

Christians and Alcohol

It is amazing to me the different views in the church on different issues. A neverending one being alcohol. Some churches think alcohol is ok on moderation others think it is of the devil and should never pass ones lips. My church (or I guess my pastor) is of the latter persuasion.

Bobby and I are from CA where it was not unusual to have a social drink on occasion and to go to a friends house where there was beer in the fridge. Here we have friends that drink but would never admit it in front of anyone as our pastor has said from the pulpit that one should never drink.

We were asked to fill out volunteer forms to be able to serve at church. I am glad that they have these as there are background checks so that we don't have child molesters working with the kids. However, there are several items to checks off if you do them or condone them. They are all lumped together: Do you sell or use illegal drugs, do you have extramarital affairs, do you drink or sell alcohol. Bobby in good conscience was able to check no in to of the cases but on the alcohol question wrote in not at church. When I filled it out a couple of years ago I wrote what my view on alcohol was and they keep asking me to work so I guess it is not a problem.

My view is this:
A social drink on occasion is not a problem. Drinking to get drunk is and the person doing this needs help. There are resources available to help uncover what the real issues are and find other ways to deal with them. I do not think women of childbearing years who are doing nothing to prevent pregnancy should be drinking at all. I know some doctors will say a glass of wine on occasion while pregnant is fine but why take that chance. What if your child is the one who gets fetal alcohol syndrome because you couldn't pass up that glass of wine for 9 months?

My view may not be right but that is how I see it and if asked by people at my church or elsewhere that is what I will tell them. What are your views?


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  2. My view is that alcohol should be used in only one of two circumstances:

    1) as a social crutch, to make yourself appear more sexy or funny to people of the opposite sex, and

    2) to forget the pain of past memories.

    Man, am I glad we still live in LA. I know this is a big deal elsewhere, but the church culture here is just so much more laid back. We had a BBQ out in the yard a few months back, and our pastor brough the Sam Adams. Good man.

  3. Mike!! You are a funny guy! :0) I do have to remember that we are in a much more conservative area here than we were in CA.

  4. My good friend became a believer about four years ago, but had been an atheist for the first thirty-six years of his life. His wife was a lapsed Catholic and wanted nothing to do with church. Rick despeartely wanted to share his new found faith with his wife, but she was extremely cynical about the church.

    One night my Senior Pastor and I went to see Rick play a show at a local venue and he had a chance to meet Rick's wife. As he was introducing himself the server asked if he wanted a drink. He ordered a Bud Light and Teresa realized that our Pastor was a a regular person just like her. She came to church the next Sunday and now their whole family attends.

    I think it's great that the whole family is now involved in a community of faith, but I still think our Pastor will burn in hell.

  5. The moral of the story is that God prefers imports to domestic.