Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Salient in Birmingham

Salient played in Birmingham last night and we got back a few hours ago. They played at a Youth in Action Conference at the Sheraton conference center. Through a Glass was the opener and Kutless was the headliner for the show.
It was one of the ideal venues for them to play for us to go with them. The organizers were really willing to work with us on everything. We were able to check into the hotel early in the afternoon, the kids were able to nap and play while soundcheck was happening, and I was able to get to know our bass players wife a little bit better. After the guys soundchecked we went to the sports grille at the hotel and had dinner, then headed up to the green room. Once again it was ideal for us because I could stay up there with the kids and hear everything really well. I could even peak out and see the guys on the big screens. There was another little girl there that played with our little girl for a long time.
Once the kids were ready for bed I was able to take them back to our room and put them to bed.
I love events like this that are well thought out, detailed and everyone knows what is going on. I love going to concerts when we can. Sometimes it is not possible just because it is too late for the kids to be out or it is too far away. We want to be part of it while we can because in a couple of years we won't be able to. Our little girl will be in Kindergarten by then and we won't be able to just up and go whenever we want.
Trips like this are great too because we get to see new places. We drove through the Civil Rights District, past a park and right through the heart of downtown. We took the kids to the Mcwane Science Center which is right downtown. They had a fantastic time playing in water, turning knobs, playing with air, and flying airplanes. They were not however impressed with the dinosaur display. We thought that they would both love it but the dinos were animated so they made them cry.
After 2 long days the kids crashed pretty quickly tonight...Now if they would just sleep in later than 7:45 tomorrow we would be good to go. :0)

Friday, December 23, 2005


1 MINUTE AGO: Trying to see if there are any Pampered Chef Blogs set up

1 HOUR AGO: Rocking my baby boy before his nap

1 DAY AGO: shopping for my hubbys christmas presents

1 WEEK AGO: Laying in the couch sick as a dog

1 MONTH AGO: We were in Texas for Thanksgiving and were at Sears getting family pictures taken. That was fun let me tell ya!

1 YEAR AGO: Once again we were in Texas. Hubbys parents flew us down so we could all be together before my husbands brother got deployed.

1 DECADE AGO: I was a Junior Music major at Azusa Pacific in Ca. I was also a Student Orientation leader, was in band, handbell choir, worked at Payless Shoe Source and the mail room at school.

1 SCORE AGO: I was in 4th grade and moved from Illinois to California. I was a Junior in Girl Scouts and started going to Awanas.

1 QUARTER CENTURY AGO: I was 6 and in Kindergarten. My teacher was a little person. I remember thinking it was so cool that I was the same size as her!

Monday, December 19, 2005

What is real?

Tonight we went to Chickfila to see Santa. The one we go to is owned by a family in our church and the Santa is the same one we saw last year. He is a friends father in law who may be getting into Santa school in Canada. Anyway, we got to see Santa and a giant cow and a clown. All of them came right to our table. Our 18 month old showed a ton of progress. The last time he saw the clown he screamed and cried, would stop and look to see if the clown was coming and start screaming again. Tonight he cried when placed on Santas lap and when the giant cow came to our table. The clown almost didn't phase him.

So, we got to live in a world of make believe tonight. When we got home we headed up to get the kiddos ready for bed. We do jammies, books, teeth, prayers, goodnight. We have recently started leaving the gate off of our little girls room so she can go to the bathroom if she needs to. We are not worried anymore she will fall down the stairs in the middle of the night. Unfortunately she sometimes has a hard time settling down and going to sleep.
My hubby went up to check on her and she had put her gate up in the doorway. He asked her if she put her gate up so Dora couldn't get out (Dora is a pillow that is almost as big as her). She replied "Doras not real!" So he asked why she put the gate up. And she said "So the bunnies can't get in!" There were 2 stuffed bunnies sitting in the hallway outside the gate. He came down trying to contain himself because the entire conversation was so funny. It is amazing what goes on in the mind of a 3 year old!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Happy 8th Anniversary to James and Aerika

oh yeah and to us! :0) That was one of those weddings Bobby and I couldn't make it to as we had plans ourselves.

It is so fun to reflect on what our wedding day held. That was the day we found out that the annual Glendora Christmas parade goes down Glendora Ave and onto Foothill right by Vons and right past the hair salon where I got my hair done. We did go to it the following year but as a frantic bride in torn jeans and button up shirt and my hair done with my veil I stopped a cop who got on his radio to find out exactly what the parade route was so Bobby could go pick up our cake at Vons. He became the master of alley way driving that morning.

When I arrived at the church the flowers were just arriving. My bouquet was beautiful but the rest of the flowers were much smaller that what had been shown to me so back they went to be fixed.

Then there were the things I didn't know about until later like Bobby was supposed to order pizza for the handbell choir that was playing for us. Rosy took care of that for us. Also, we have no idea what happened to our piano player. She was at rehearsal and at the reception but was not there for the ceremony. All I can think of it that it was LA maybe there was terrible traffic. Our good friend Mike stepped in and played for us even though he was not a fan of our trumpet player.

It is so fun to look back at our wedding pictures and see how young we looked and at the excitement of what was to come. I feel so blessed to have a husband who is rooted in his faith. God is really the foundation of our marriage. I just pray we can raise our kids to know God and find spouses that believe in God with all of their hearts.

So, for our anniversary, we were planning on going out tonight. We had a babysitter lined up and everything. On the way home from physical Therapy this morning my 18 month old puked all over the car. So we are renting a couple of movies and putting the kiddos to bed early. Maybe another time this week we will get out to see The Chronicles of Narnia.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Feeling inadequate

I love the holidays at the end of the year. There are so many of them bunched up close together it is like one long party. But, they totally stress me out! We are going to Texas on Monday to see my hubbys brother, sister in law and their 6 kids, his other brother and wife and his mom and dad. We are all staying in the same house together as well. It is pretty fun and everyone is pretty laid back but I always come home feeling extremely inadequate.

I never seem to be able to get my house terribly clean and sis in laws is spotless. I don't seem to find the time to make a menu and stick to it, sis in law cooks homemade meals every night. We have 2 kids they have 6. I have been trying to do Flylady to keep my house up but then one of the kids gets sick, we go out of town, company comes in and everything is disrupted. I guess I should be glad my house looks "lived in" but it always feels like chaos.

I am just sitting here thinking about what I can do to feel more adequate at my "job" of being a stay at home mom and wife. I love being home with my kids but we really are never home.

Since we are so close to New Years I will make a list of things I would like to accomplish in 2006.
Keep my house orderly and clean so we are not living in chaos.
Make a monthly menu and stick to it.
Lose some weight (ok a lot of weight).
Play outside more with my kids.

This just made me think of 43 things a website where you can list some of the things you would like to do in your lifetime or a set amount of time. Go there and make a list!

Hopefully some of these things will make me feel a little bit better when the holidays roll around.

Friday, November 11, 2005

My 3 year old Daughter

has no sensory issues. Why you ask? Oh well (there are no pictures to support this unfortunately) I had a giant tub of Vaseline that we had been putting on her legs for her eczema. Yes I said HAD..... tomorrow..well I guess Monday we will be calling around to see who can get Vaseline out of Berber carpet. Instead of being in bed she was quietly pulling her little red chair over to the dresser and getting the giant tub o' Vaseline to spread not only on the carpet but also on her arms, legs, blanket, pillow and bed rails. I guess I should be happy she didn't also get the tube of diaper rash cream that was up there.

Yes mom I know you wished one just like me on us! :0)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

What a week!

Our family has had quite a week. I am not sure if it is the time change or what but we have just not been right. On Monday I took our daughter to the Dr for excema on her legs. A friend is selling Arbonne and gave me some creme that was supposed to help with excema and it made it worse. The Dr gave us some steroid creme that cleared it up in a couple of days.

Monday night was the fall festival at church. It was pretty fun except that my baby girl fell out of the bounce house and hurt her foot so back we went to the ped on Tuesday. This was after I went and had a crown put on one of my teeth.

Tuesday we also took our little boy to Physical Therapy and to Occupational Therapy on Wednesday. Wednesday night he was in the nursery while I was teaching Cubbies and he threw up all over the nursery. He slept in on Thursday a little bit but was lethargic all day long. That night Bobby fell down our stairs and thought he broke his arm so went and go that x-rayed on Friday. That same day our daughter tried to climb up on Bobbys lap and slipped and smacked her face on the desk (Bobbys arm could be broken so he wasn't able to catch her).

Yesterday we were out hanging with the neighbors, I was walking with my boy in my arms and my girl was dancing on the other neighbors porch. Thank goodness there were 2 neighbors there with her because she tripped and almost fell down the 8 concrete steps. My next door neighbor caught her by the leg so she scraped her arm and ankle. At least she didn't crack her head.

Today we were headed out to church when about half way there my sweet girl said "my tummy hurts" and proceeded to throw up all over her dress. I was supposed to be doing music for kindergarten so I called the preschool desk to let them know I wasn't going to be there.

Hopefully this week will be better.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Is such a nasty 4-letter word. It is forbidden now because one is supposed to make a change of lifestyle not just take on another diet.

My poor body has been through a lot in the last 5 years. I had gallbladder surgery in 2001, had a baby in 2002 and a second baby by emergency c-section in 2004. When I look back at the last 5 years and really think about it I realize my body has been through quite a lot of stress. No wonder I am holding onto those extra 50 pounds I don't really need.

I have stick thin friends that can pop babies out and be back to size 2 in weeks but they have always been thin. They know how to get back to being that way because they have always been that way. I am sure they have some insecurities about how their body has changed but no one can tell when they are dressed.

Those of us who have always been "the fat girl" in the group or have "known" they are fat from 4 th grade on have no idea how to get to thin. We know it takes a lot of work, we join every weight loss plan known to man, we work out and we continue to eat the way we always have frustrating ourselves even more. God gave me this body and loves me no matter what right?

If some of you skinny people are reading this any suggestions would be helpful. How do I get to thin without giving up things that I like? Or do I need to eat only vegetables and water for the rest of my life?

Thursday, October 06, 2005


My husband and I saw this movie a few weeks ago and were completely moved by it. If you have not seen it you must see it now! It was featured on Oprah today with some of the actors from the film. Don Cheadle has to be one of my favorite actors. Another great movie that he is in is Hotel Rawanda.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


When I got home from my Pampered Chef Party tonight, this guy was waiting to greet me. Actually I think it is a female Black & Yellow Argiope. We haven't seen one in a few years.

TO see more cool spiders go here.

* Edit: We'll see if the spider returns tonight. My 3 year old girl took a stick and knocked it down while I was talking to a neighbor.

Two More Gems:

"What would you think if daddy and I went on a little trip together"
"Well, we would be very sad...but, if you got someone to watch us we would be very happy."

Daddy asked our daughter to pray and she said she did not want to. He told her that he was trying to teach her what it means to be a child of God. She told him "I don't want to be a child of God I want to be a vetrenarian, that is an animal doctor!" He did go on to explain that she could be both.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ahhhh Sunday

A day of rest and relaxation right? Not if you are southern Baptist and have to be in the pew every time the door opens. I am really not complaining, I love our church but we live 18 miles away....These are not freeway miles, these are go by the mall onto the backroads kind of miles. I remember when Sundays were not so hard. My hubby and I would get up and go to church sometimes having to be there early if he was going to play or if I was on the praise team. Now Sundays are just hard.
We get up about 7:30 (hubby leaves about 6:45 if he is playing that day) leave for church by 8:15. Get the kiddos to Sunday School and the nursery by 8:55 and get into the service at 9. Go to Connect group at 10:45 and usually get out by 12:15ish. By the time we pick up the kids and get them and their projects loaded in the car it is 12:30-12:45. Our boy is usually asleep before leaving the parking lot and our girl has given up naps so she is hungry and ready to be home.
We usually grab something to eat on the way home and have a picnic on the floor in the living room.
Our little guy wakes up and is ready to eat so he gets a little snack or his lunch depending on the time.
3:45 rolls around and it is time to head back to church. I am taking Financial Peace University and have to be there by 4:30 for the class which means our kids have to be in the nursery and to Kids choir by 4:25. FPU goes until 6 when the evening service starts. I tend not to stay for the service since my kids haven't eaten since snack time and we have to get dinner. By the time we get home it is time for the kids to go to bed and for me to watch Desperate Housewives and Greys Anatomy.

I talked to my Connect Group leader the other day. He has been working on an online Bible study resource for different groups. He has been reading up a lot on the emergent church and has been asking himself a lot of hard questions about what the "church" is really supposed to be doing. He even asked a woman in our Sunday School class to pray at the end of class today. I like to think our church is moving in a more emergent direction and with leaders who are open to asking questions there is hope that our goal won't be to be in the pew every time the door opens (even though it is great to be in church) but to be the salt of the earth and moving people to come to know Christ.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

What are the Emmy's?

According to my 3 year old it is a show about the big M&M's. She was all about watching it until it was a bunch of old people talking. :0)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Side Yard Help

If anyone has any genius ideas about what we should do with this side yard please tell us. We are not landscape gurus and are having a hard time thinking of what to do with it. In the spring daffodils grow right along the edge and there are iris' original to the house along the fence. Those keep coming back and we like them but the rest leaves much to be desired. We don't have much money so a landscaper is out. Ideas??

Monday, September 05, 2005

Christian Music

Having been a band wife since I met my husband..Well, band girlfriend, band fiancee and then band wife, I have been through a lot with my musician husband. We have had many conversations on what it means to be a Christian band or Christians in a band or if you need to talk during your shows to minister. Shaun Groves has a great post on this here.

The band Bobby is in now is a rock band. He loves it because he gets to play rock and roll. As the guitar player he doesn't have to talk all that much as the front man has to do most of the talking. Bobby is reading over my shoulder and ever point I wanted to make is out the window. He is not going to complain now he says. I think the point was that they are ministering the people they can without preaching at them. Shauns site says all of this far better than I can.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Everyone has a story.

To finish my Masters of Education at APU I had to do a Capstone Project. It was entitled Music of the Soul and one of the big topics in it was that everyone has a story. That was something I was passionate about. I wanted to talk to people and just hear all about them. I wanted to know where they came from, what their background was, why they were the way they were. I still want to know those things but I feel like I have become completely self absorbed in the last few years. Not so much self absorbed but family and circumstance absorbed. There has been so much going on with us I haven't been the friend that I would like to be. I have not had the time/energy/gall to ask the questions I would like.

Working with college students was a perfect place to be able to ask the questions I wanted and get amazing answers. Who knew that the quiet kid on the 3rd row had been to 13 countries and spoke 3 languages? Or that the boisterous girl in the class had once been terribly shy but got over it through being in drama or marching band.

I want to know your story and if I ask questions that seem odd I hope you will give thoughtful honest answers so I can get to know you and what you are all about.

Monday, August 29, 2005


Well, the hurricane has been downgraded to a tropical storm. I am thankful that we will not be getting the brunt of the storm here but know we are in for a fairly sleepless night. We hardly sleep when we have big thunderstorms because we are worried about tornados so tonight I am sure I will be sitting in front of the TV at 1 am when our official tropical storm watch goes into effect seeing if any tornados or big winds are going to hit us.

We have a tree out front that will hopefully survive the storm. My neighbor doesn't seem to think there is anything wrong with it but to me it looks like there is a very large crack in it and there is some dry rot at the bottom. I need to peek out the window and see if anyone is parked where the tree can land on their car.

It is such an odd thing to see all of the schools being closed due to a storm. There are snow days here when we get less than an inch and the kids get to stay home but this is even more odd. It makes sense if there are going to be 50MPH gusts of wind but it is still strange. I have to call in the morning and see if my baby's physical therapy is cancelled. Honestly I don't want to drive in the storm. Hopefully we can reschedule.

Please keep the people in New Orleans and the areas that have been hit with the hurricane in your prayers. One article I read said that we could have a refugee camp here in the US of over 1 million people.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Out of the mouths of babes....

So when your 3yr old child is able to remember all the words to a Kelly Clarkson song on the radio and can copy lyrics after hearing them once you have to know that she will repeat things she has heard. There are also moments that the wrong word comes out or she just says something really funny or something really sweet.

A couple of examples:
At at Mexican restaurant: "Mommy, can I have some of that diarrhea?" What? She meant guacamole! Then she says "May I please have some of that gonorrhea?" ummm.....No

We have been watching Lazytown on Noggin. They have a superhero named Sportacis. This morning she comes to me and says "Here mommy you take this ball and we will go save Bean (our cat) and we will be the hero's of Munchkintown"

To her daddy "You play guitar and I will play drums and we will be a band!" That's going to be fun in a few years.

At Raffertys with my mom before going to the airport her first unprompted prayer "Dear Jesus, thank you for this food and please give grandma a safe trip home and Amen"

Those are just a sample of the gems she comes up with. If I can think of more I will post them. :0)

Friday, August 19, 2005

Christians and Alcohol

It is amazing to me the different views in the church on different issues. A neverending one being alcohol. Some churches think alcohol is ok on moderation others think it is of the devil and should never pass ones lips. My church (or I guess my pastor) is of the latter persuasion.

Bobby and I are from CA where it was not unusual to have a social drink on occasion and to go to a friends house where there was beer in the fridge. Here we have friends that drink but would never admit it in front of anyone as our pastor has said from the pulpit that one should never drink.

We were asked to fill out volunteer forms to be able to serve at church. I am glad that they have these as there are background checks so that we don't have child molesters working with the kids. However, there are several items to checks off if you do them or condone them. They are all lumped together: Do you sell or use illegal drugs, do you have extramarital affairs, do you drink or sell alcohol. Bobby in good conscience was able to check no in to of the cases but on the alcohol question wrote in not at church. When I filled it out a couple of years ago I wrote what my view on alcohol was and they keep asking me to work so I guess it is not a problem.

My view is this:
A social drink on occasion is not a problem. Drinking to get drunk is and the person doing this needs help. There are resources available to help uncover what the real issues are and find other ways to deal with them. I do not think women of childbearing years who are doing nothing to prevent pregnancy should be drinking at all. I know some doctors will say a glass of wine on occasion while pregnant is fine but why take that chance. What if your child is the one who gets fetal alcohol syndrome because you couldn't pass up that glass of wine for 9 months?

My view may not be right but that is how I see it and if asked by people at my church or elsewhere that is what I will tell them. What are your views?

Sunday, August 07, 2005


I just got home from the Volunteer Revolution at my church. We were all fed a steak or chicken dinner and pumped up to volunteer for every ministry under the sun. I love my church family and my pastor dearly but I had a hard time with a couple of things that were said tonight.

One point was that we shouldn't get so committed outside the church that we can't serve at the church. I agree that we should in some capacity be helping out or serving at the church. I personally have a playgroup with friends that are not Christians. If I am so overcommitted to everything at church I have no time for them that are the ones that need Christ.

The second point was (this is a slight exaggeration) that you should never get burned out because you know where your source of strength comes from. So you should work in preschool, be a greeter, make phone calls, etc...Along with taking care of your family and keeping a clean house and if you work outside the home keeping that together too.

The third thing that made me sad was out of all the ministries that were available there were maybe 3 that reached out to our community. Everything else was internal. Obviously you need those ministries in a megachurch to make it run but shouldn't their be a bigger focus on those that need Christ and the things we can do to reach them?
I guess this is really just a vent. I love my church but I am not sure I am cut out for the megachurch....

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

5 Reasons I love my husband :0)

There are so many things I love about my husband that I could go on and on all day. I will spare you and give my top five reasons.

5. He is passionate about the things he does. He loves music and has been blessed with amazing talent. He wants people that he works with to be as committed as he is to putting out a great product. When he sets his mind to something he will accomplish it!

4. He is compassionate. There are so many people in the world and he wants to help them. Closer to home are the people in our country that are starving, the kids down the street that can't get new clothes, or the kid locked in the closet while the parents go get drugs. Even closer are the people who have lost children.

3. He is an amazing father! I could not have asked for a better man to raise children with. He loves our babies so much it hurts. He is patient with them, reads to them, takes them to the park, and even let's me sleep in on occasion while he gets them fed and dressed. He is concerned about their spiritual lives and their futures.

2. There is no doubt in my mind that he loves me! He tells me many times a day, he respects me, he is an encourager in all of the crazy things I get into, he wants what is best for us together. He communicates with me. When we argue (yes that does occasionally happen :0) ) he makes an effort to talk to me to figure out what is actually going on.

1. He is a solid Christian man. He loves God and wants to worship Him. He is not afraid to question but knows why he believes what he believes.

Bobby is just amazing! That is all for tonight! :0)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ahhh Vacation!

Well, we just got back from vacation in CA. It was so fun to be with family even if there were moments when we wanted to wring each others neck. :0) Bobby said that he can tell we all love each other but we all drive each other crazy. The noise level is so high when we are there that when we get home we are always surprised at how quiet our house is.

My sister and her husband got their overseas assignment and will be gone for 4 years...So unless we can make it to where they are we may not be seeing them again soon.
Munchkin had a wonderful time with her cousins. We had a birthday party for all 4 kids aged 1, 2, 3, and 41/2 and for my sister who was turning 20.

I have a list of things I want to do with the kids and I can mark another one off which is play in the pacific ocean. I am sure we'll have to do it again though because Munchkin loved it and Little Man hated it. Maybe when he is older he will like it better. :0)
I have a beautiful picture of Munchkin on the beach. I will have to post it once I get it scanned.

The kids also loved going to the zoo, playing at the park, having pizza with grandma and grandpa and baking brownies with their aunt. Bobby got to go to an A's game that lasted 17 innings. He said it was a great game. It was good bonding time with my dad and brother in law.

We ate at In-N-Out twice while we were there, Red Robin once and Round Table. It was 100 degrees every day but we hardly broke a sweat because of the lack of humidity. Oh the things we miss about living in CA. :0)

But, we are back now in the humidity that feels like a sauna hiding in our air conditioned house. There are supposed to be thunderstorms tonight that will hopefully cool things off. We are exhausted but refreshed (of course the exhaustion could be from going to a concert the night after we got home too. )

Monday, July 11, 2005

I love real people!

I had the opportunity to go to a womens event on Saturday in Lexington, KY called Daybreak. This event was put on by Lifeway and our good friend Denver Bierman was asked to lead worship. Denver asked Bobby if he could play too and offered to let me and Munchkin and Little man come as well.
It has been awhile since I have been to an event like this and thought it would be fun. The speakers for the event were Priscilla Shirer and Angela Thomas . One of the runners led Bobby, Denver, me and the kids down to where lunch was being served and Priscilla and Angela were both already there eating their lunches. I am not sure what I expected, that I would be ignored or thought less off, but both of these women were wonderful. I knew I should have expected better as both are Godly women. The best part was how real they were. We talked about family, kids, and mowing the lawn. Also, about a cute little boutique I am going to have to find in Knoxville!
I was able to hear Priscilla speak from the nursery while Little Man was taking his nap but missed Angela. The next time I get a chance though I hope to hear her. Munchkin was too rambunctious so we had to take off and do something else for awhile, otherwise I am sure she would have been on the stage trying to steal the scene! If you get a chance to hear either of these women speak at an event take advantage of it!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


ACC is Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum. This is a condition of the brain where the Corpus Callosum did not form during pregnancy. How do I know about this condition? Well, we took Little Man in for his one year appointment and vaccinations. The Dr examined his head and was concerned because he could hear Little Mans pulse through his soft spot so he sent us for and MRI to rule out a bruit or a cluster of blood vessels that could bleed in our sweet one year old boys brain. The MRI came back showing he did not have a bruit (brewy) but has ACC. Some of the symptoms of this are delayed motor development, delayed speech, seizures etc... Apparently there are people walking around with this condition that don't even know it. We are praying that Little Man will be one of those people.
As of now at 13 months he has only been able to get into a sitting position by himself twice. He can sit on his bottom and play for a long time, spin in circles on his bottom and is getting quite good at scootering across the floor on his bottom. He is not trying to pull up on furniture or walk though. For the longest time we would try to get him to stand and he would just keep his legs straight out in front of him. Just in the last week and a half he has started putting his feet down and letting us "walk" him across the floor. We try and try to get him to do things and then all of a sudden he just does them.
We are not concerned about his mental ability. He was saying words at 9 months and continues to add to his vocabulary every day. He says "mama" "dada" "woah" "uhoh" "cat" "shoes" and signs more and please.
Anyway, all of this to say we found out by a fluke that Little Man has a condition that is extremely rare and we have to learn all we can about it. You can go to to learn more.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Journaling and my Grandma

I have never been good at keeping a journal. I don't know why. I have tried on and off through the years but end up not keeping up with it. I realize it is important...Maybe for future generations to go back and read about you.

My first experience with a journal was a little yellow diary. I don't know who gave it to me but I think I got it for a birthday. It had a little key to keep all of my secrets...What kind of secrets I had back then I don't know. I just remember my Great Grandma Andrews telling me how important it was to keep a journal everyday even if it only said "today was a good day" There were days when I felt guilty for not writing in that little yellow book and went back and wrote "Today was a good day" in a months worth of pages. So, if I have it somewhere my kids can read about how everyday was a good day.

In retrospect I think my Grandma must have thought it was important because she couldn't read. Maybe she wanted us to be writing because she couldn't and wanted us to use the education we had. She was an amazing Christian woman.

Hopefully I can use this blog as a way to journal and not just forget about it after a time.

Friday, June 24, 2005

My First Blog Entry

This is a quick one tonight. I am inspired by each and every one of you that put yourself out there and lay your feeling on the line. I hope this will let me do the same! :0) Have a good night!