Saturday, July 11, 2015

(FFWD} Wrapping up

As you know from previous posts, my French cooking chapter with French Fridays with Dorie has come closed. The 3rd celebration week was the Play it Again Dorie recipe and the 4th week was a wrap up. Well, my play it again recipe was the sugar crusted french toast. That is a well loved recipe around our house and I make it on special occasions since it is SUGAR crusted french toast. ;) I can say with certainty there are never any leftovers when this is on the menu.

As far as a wrap up goes this has been a fantastic group of people to get to know and to cook along with over the last 4 and a half ish years. I know I didn't get to all of the recipes but will keep trying along the way. Because of this experience I know I can tackle any recipe and have an end product that is edible and that my family will at least try. Thanks to our fearless leaders we were always in good hands when it came to the schedule and for what recipes had already been completed and what was left. I have a love and appreciation for Dorie, her cookbooks, and her writing style. She writes to you and helps you feel confident with the stories for each recipe. If you ever get a chance to be a part of something like this jump at it! Learn some new skills and make friends with lots of new people. And if you get to meet them in person enjoy those moments!

Make sure to check out the LYL to see how others wrapped up they time cooking along. :)

Monday, June 08, 2015

{FFWD} Never Doubt Dorie!

 As I mentioned last week we are at the end of our Around My French Table journey and we are finishing up with a few celebratory posts. Last week was AHA moments. This week is "Never Doubt Dorie" moments.

Choose the recipe that might not have been your favorite or even something you enjoyed making or even something you were skeptical about but which taught you a technique or gave you an idea or provided a lesson of some kind.

First and foremost....some ingredients are scary folks! A few recipes that I was really skeptical about included things I would not normally eat. However, I was able to get my family to eat or at least try each recipe and was able to share some of these with adventurous neighbors.

Some Never Doubt Dorie moments:
1. I learned how to prepare a delicacy that would be far more expensive in a restaurant.
2. Olives are not the devil when baked in something sweet.
3. Shellfish can be tasty.
4. The "bonne idee" sections are fantastic. Also, I love the times in the book where Dorie says trust me, it may not look like it is going to work but keep stirring, or keep going, it will come together.
5. I learned many new techniques that I never would have taken a chance on before starting this book. :)

Now, a few of the recipes that I was a little scared of that turned out pretty good:

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Next week: The Play it Again Dorie Recipe.

Friday, May 29, 2015

{FFWD} Favorite Recipes and AHA moments from Around My French Table

Well folks, another Dorie cookbook has come and gone. Several members of our illustrious baking group have completed all of the recipes in Dorie Greenspan's Around My French Table: More than 300 Recipes from My Home to Yours. It is crazy to think I started my baking journey way back in August of 2008. While I have loved cooking and baking through this book it would be an understatement to say I was inconsistent in my cooking and posting. I have some recipes cooked or baked and photographed but not posted. Ah well, maybe I will catch up at some point. Over the next four weeks we have the opportunity to share:
May 29: Celebration Week #1: The AHA Moment
June 5: Celebration Week #2: The Never-Doubt-Dorie Moment.
June 12: Celebration Week #3: The Play-It-Again-Dorie Recipe
June 19 (Le Fin): Celebration Week #4: Grand Finale

In the spirit of AHA! I share my top AHA moments:
1. You cannot use a corn cob knob to open wine
2. If my kids help prepare it they will most likely try it
3. I must look at the recipe at least 2 days ahead of time so I can have all of the ingredients on hand when it comes time to cook or bake
4. Baked items that turn out ugly still taste good
5. Sometimes you have to use a recipe as inspiration for your own creativity.
6. There are recipes you will commit to memory
7. Sometimes a recipe is exact and other times you can play around with the flavors and amounts of spices to get the recipe just right.

Now for my top 5 recipes:
I actually just made this again for dinner. :)

This has been a wonderful group to be a part of. Outside of expanding my culinary horizons the biggest and best highlight was of course meeting Dorie and several of the Doristas at the IFBC conference. Hopefully we will continue to keep in touch throughout the years. :) Now, go over the French Fridays with Dorie site and check out the top 5 recipes from fantastic cooks from around the world!

Monday, March 09, 2015

{TWD:BCM} Lemon Madeleines

The last few weeks here in the south have been a frozen tundra...OK, I suppose it hasn't been as bad as up north and on the east coast. But, it has been cold! These Lemon Madeleines were summer on a winters day. The hardest part about them was beating the eggs with a whisk, and only because we had gone sledding the day before and I attempted to snow board....I am sure you can guess how that ended if it hurt to whisk. ;)

These, of course, were a hit in my house. I had to hide some so I would have some cookies left over for photos. The recipe only makes 12 so they did not last long. If you are longing for summer in the midst of winter pick up a copy of Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan and make these light, delicious cookies!

Make sure to also check out the LYL over at Tuesday with Dorie to see how other cookies around the world liked these!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

{Blogging for Books}The Paleo Chef

Have you ever wanted to try the paleo lifestyle? Bobby and I did Whole 30 in August of 2013 and had a good experience with the program. It was pretty extreme as it is a temporary elimination diet. I am sure you have met people that are all paleo all the time and do a great job of sticking to it. One of the things I struggled with during Whole 30 was being creative in my cooking. If you take a look at Pete Evans website the opening page says "Pete is the only person who cares and talks this much about food." I don't know that he is the only person but he definitely has some great recipes and ideas for paleo cooking.

Pete starts his book off with 10 things you need to know about the paleo lifestyle. He covers everything from this being a way of life  and what to eat and drink to exercising and thinking positively. He, of course, gets everything he can directly from the source and makes sure to practice nose to tail eating. When talking about ingredients he says, "No matter what ingredients you choose, always select the highest quality, organic, and sustainable products you can find and afford." Cooking paleo is expensive.When we did our Whole 30 I spent far more on groceries than I normally do. Granted we used everything up but you have to be prepared to spend more, especially if you are going all in for the locally sourced, organic, humanely treated, non-gmo, nitrate free, cage free, free range meat, eggs, etc. All I am saying is be prepared to spend more on your monthly grocery bill.

Now, on to the recipes! Since I already know that I am a meat eater, and that I tolerate paleo meals quite well I have picked out a recipe from Pete's book that I want to try from each section.

Muesli & Berry Parfait with Coconut Cream (pg.26)

Snacks and Sides
Kale Hummus (pg. 46)
Roasted Winter Vegetables (pg. 73)

Grilled Wild Salmon with Artichoke Salsa (pg. 90)

Actually the entire poultry section looks great to me!

Pork Cutlets with Cabbage Salad and Romesco Sauce (pg. 144)

Well, you know we like dessert in our house but the one that stands out is:
Mixed Berry Cheesecake (pg. 168)

Based in the photo alone I would choose the Iced Chocolate (pg. 200)

I am excited to get started cooking from Pete's book! I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Pete also has a Pizza cookbook, a Casual Home Cooking cookbook and a Vegetarian Kindle book available. You can click below to see those. If purchases are made I get a tiny percentage of the sale as an Amazon Associate.

Monday, February 02, 2015

{Blogging for Books} Q & A a Day

They always say
time changes things,
but you actually
have to change them
-Andy Warhol

The quote above is on the first page of Q&A a Day. Are you the kind of person who journals every day no matter what? Or are you more like me who had grand intentions of journaling every day and after a couple of months that fizzles out? This book is for you! When I ripped the shipping container open to get to this tome I was so excited. This is the perfect size to carry with you or place by your bed. It is a 5 year journal with questions every day. Since I got mine today the question for February 2nd was "Who do you live with?" Today the answer to that is my husband, 2 kids, a dog, and two cats. 3 months ago that would have included a hermit crab and a hamster. You go through and answer the same question on the same day for five years.

I think this is brilliant but I am the kind of person who loves being able to go back and see what we have done on the same day each year. For instance I like being able to track what we dressed up as for Halloween each year.

The pages are all edges gilt. The book feels comfortable in your hand and makes you want to write in it right away! The entries are short and while you can think awhile you do not have to write a ton each day. You can check out Clarkson Potter to see more titles. Not only is there Q&A a Day, there is also "Our Q&A a Day" and "Q&A a day for College". 
Check it out!

I received a review copy of this journal from Blogging for Books.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

{FFWD} Croquants

The last few French Fridays recipes have been fishy and we have been running around like crazy with basketball so we not been home for a lot of cooking. This week's recipe took one bowl, I got to use my digital scale, and these cookies baked for 8 minutes.

My little taste testers all said they loved these! These croquants are crispy, crunchy cookies. They are supposed to be much prettier than this as mine spread. I am guessing since I used half nuts and half chocolate there wasn't enough filler to bind the cookies. No matter, they were delicious! :) My family doesn't mind when my cookies turn out wacky as long as they taste good. 

Check out the LYL on French Fridays with Dorie to see what these were actually supposed to look like. :) There are only a few recipes left until the end of this cookbook! Make sure to get your copy and follow along!